A country of fascists, addicts, and simply greedy bastards we have become.  A number of us think it is perfectly OK to shoot our mouths off about starting another war with a very strong country on the trumped up charges of trying to build a nuclear weapon while our president signs a bill that lets the military “arrest” citizens as terrorists and detain them forever without a trial.  Meanwhile the Supreme Court is a joke.  Once the last hope of this country, it has become, instead, a caricature of all the things bad about it.

Proof of terrorism is no longer needed for a U.S. citizen to be apprehended for it.  We still have rendition as an option as it is still not illegal.  AND, we still have Gitmo because it has not been closed down.  The military can try the “suspects” in a tribunal if they care to.

The large pharmaceutical companies are holding parents and patients hostage for A D D drugs while the FDA is worried about high school and college kids who take the pills for a lark.  Someone is worried about idiots abusing Oxycontin and the prison system is making out like a bandit as it leases its inmate population out to corporations for a song.

Our recent “ship of fools,” masquerading as wannabe presidents walk around throwing out threats that they will bomb Iran.  Meanwhile Iran is taking the threats these fools are making as serious possibilities because the media is as stupid as the candidates for not calling the candidates out on their carelessly foolish remarks.

The “JOKE” of a Supreme Court is becoming so bad that the chief justice feels he has to defend it, making him the Joker du jour.  The Supreme Court used to protect this country from idiot congressmen who pandered to their own and other’s self interests, but NOW the Supreme Court is as corrupt as everything else become.

The 1-2% are united in their attempts to wring every dime they can from the other 98%. And the other 98% are so divided over their feelings about gays, the separation of church and state, and whether the brown people are going to take their job, that they don’t even see who the real enemy is.

Good luck in 2012.