Haiti Schools to Go Charter in More Disaster Capitalism

The success of the New Orleans “disaster capitalism” project in which the public school system was taken over by charter schools during the re-building after Katrina, has led to similar developments in other destitute places of the world. Haiti, is a prime example. International philanthropy  is poised to rebuild the struggling country’s education system through loans with strings which will make their education  system go charter.  This would seem to be what Bill Gates and other opportunists would call “leveraging” philanthropy. By always appearing to be  “saving” people and systems, the new breed of venture philanthropists find tremendous opportunities in places like Haiti to reform them along lines which will be profitable in the future.  

“Along with financial support from the IDB and other donors, the Haitian government will also receive technical assistance from leading experts in education reform. One key advisor will be Paul Vallas, who led the transformation of the New Orleans public schools system after Hurricane Katrina.”http://itsdc16.iadb.org/news/detail.cfm?lang=en&artid=7150&id=7150

Let there be no mistake about it. The new schools will be built on the charter school model of public funding for private services:
“Under the proposed reform, most Haitian schools would become publicly funded but privately run institutions, foregoing tuition charges. A central fund would be established for the government to pay salaries of all teachers and school administrators participating in the new system.”http://itsdc16.iadb.org/news/detail.cfm?lang=en&artid=7150&id=7150

One wonders how long it will be until Duncan declares that, as he said of  the New Orleans’ catastrophe, the earthquake was the “best thing” to ever happen to Haiti.

As Naomi Klein observed, almost immediately after the quake in Haiti, the Heritage Foundation was already  suggesting ways take advantage of Haiti as a window of opportunity. See her interview on Democracy Now: http://www.democracynow.org/2010/1/14/naomi_klein_issues_haiti_disaster_capitalism