There are a number of ways one can address a problem.  The one I face here is one of simple hacking, in a sense.  While no one has been able yet to hack my password so that they can publish articles in my name, apparently I have rattled someone’s cage enough that they have made it their life’s mission to disrupt the portion of my life here on Daily Censored.  These people, or person, have, in the past, made comments under the guise of “mom” or “dad” and I won’t repeat the gutter trash they write.  I t didn’t bother me and it only showed up their desperation to engage me in their bashing.

Now, however, they are using my name instead of “mom” or “dad,” making it appear as if the posts have come from me.  Except for the trashy manner of their posts, one might think I had actually written them.  Posting them here in my blog is how I choose to deal with this.  I will leave Daily Censored to deal with them in their own way.