Documentations of government-dictated gun control/confiscation show ~70 million deaths in the 20th Century (and here). Regarding US government history to use its own guns in unlawful murders, documentations show up to 30 million US government victims from unlawful armed war attacks since WW2.

Adding these figures together provide Americans with useful history to inform their policy position from US “leadership” propaganda for Americans to disarm.

The data show ~20% of given populations who disarm to their governments are thereafter killed by those who disarmed them. For Americans, that history equates to over 60 million Americans killed by our own government.

US government motivation for gun confiscation has nothing to do with protecting innocent human lives. US reneged promises to end poverty kill ~20,000 children daily. Since the 1990 World Summit for Children where the US promised 0.7% of income to save a million innocent lives every month, and have delivered only token gestures, more innocent human beings have suffered prolonged and gruesome deaths from poverty than deaths from all wars and violence in recorded human history.

More useful history is that current US wars are not even close to lawful (and here), with US “leadership” thereby at risk for arrest. With economic crimes of fraud in the trillions, and corporate media lies to “cover” these “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes, our criminal 1%’s motivation to disarm the 99% seems clear.

As always, I recommend a Truth and Reconciliation process to split minions from hardened masters, and assist with the full evidence to fully document these crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.