Detroit Teachers point the way forward: Resistance to privatization and racist anti-working class policies of Robert Bobb, aka “Eli Broad’

All eyes should be on Detroit where the poverty and inequality is glaring under the oppressive weight of ‘compassionate conservatism’ but where  the resistance is dazzling  .  Educational activists and all public and private workers  within all parts of the nation should learn from and support the work of Detroit Teachers and their community of encouragement of strength in their fight against the privatization plans of wind-up, coin operated politicians in the pay of the billionaire philanthropists out to shot-gun public education.  The unity is not only palpable but the victories attainable.

Now the Games begin!  Full disclosure will be forced through legal discovery

The strength of the Detroit community standing up to the dictatorial rule of Robert Bobb is growing monumentally. Now the majority of the city is united to speak the truth and defend public education in Detroit, as the Detroit School Board and hundreds of teachers are represented by the legal team of Scheff, Washington, and Driver. This alliance is unprecedented and indicates the historic significance of this moment in Detroit.  Not only is the alliance unprecedented, it is through ‘discovery’, when Bobb is forced to undergo interrogation, in the form of “interrogatories” as his underlings will also be forced to do, and “depositions”, that the truth will really emerge about the relentless plans to privatize Detroit schools.  We should be treated to quite a show if Eli Broad and his merry band of privatizers are forced to undergo what is called “discovery” in legal circles.

While the corporate media continues to attack teachers, we are more energized than ever, feeling support of the community growing around us, locally and nationally as word gets out about what we’re doing.  And it is getting out nationally, for it must; not just for Detroit, but for all of us, for all of us in the public sector who have given our lives and our hearts to public education.  For our students who want nothing more than an education and a chance at life, and for working people who will become more embolden over the winning strategy of Detroit Teachers, their union and their district.

The next step, elect the Defend Public Education/Save our Students Slate to represent the DFT at the AFT Michigan and national conventions, and grow our movement by working with other teachers from all over the US to fight the AFT policies dismantling our locals!

Let us hope that Robert Bobb is put under the lens of scrutiny not just for his mendacious and perfidious behavior, but for those of us to be able to see how corporate power works, how handpicked water carriers like Bobb are picked, who controls them and why.  This is very much like the health debate where faux groups and ‘so called’ leaders are privately elected to ‘represent’ the public when their only interest in privatizing public systems.  Touché! Detroit and thank you!

Detroit Board of Education to Join Teachers in the fight against privatization in the form of ‘Robert Bobb’

Board of Ed Signs on to Lawsuit

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Dateline: Monday, March 9th, 2010

The Detroit Board of Education is joining the teachers of the Defend Education/Save our Students slate in the lawsuit against Robert Bobb for accepting additional compensation of $145,000 from private foundations.

The Board vote was unanimous among the voting members to join the suit, which claims this private contribution is a conflict of interest.

During public comment prior to the Board’s closed session with attorneys community members present spoke out strongly, telling the board “You gotta do something for the people” and “You have the power, use it”. Speakers included teachers, parents, students, grandparents, great-grandparents, and bus drivers. What has previously been labeled as a radical dissident “splinter” group of teachers, is actually an entire community coming together to stand up for themselves.

There will be a press Conference Tomorrow (Tues. March 9) at 3:45 in front of the Fisher Building.

Readers, I will keep you informed at dailycensored.  Look for FOX News to get into the frey as the billionaire ‘boyz’ club looks for media manipulation and sensory deprivation.