WHY strike together GLOBALLY?


People worldwide are struggling against:

  • Massive staff cuts and budget cuts
  • Privatisation and commercialisation of education
  • De-democratisation within schools and universities
  • Tuition fees hike
  • Increasing pressure to perform
  • Increasing influences of ‘private economic actors’ on teaching and research

Let’s connect and unite in the struggle for FREE EMANCIPATORY EDUCATION!

To fight for alternatives and resist such effects from the current economic system together, participants of global chat meetings held on April 28th,May 18th and June 1st believe it is time to call for a first coordinated strike at educational institutions across the world in history.

To strengthen the struggle on the local and regional level, this coordination would encourage a desperately needed public discussion on the actual purpose of education for the individual as well as for the society at large.

It could also point out the global dimension of the struggle and therefore put greater emphasis on the actual roots of the problems we are all experiencing.

Latest updates in connection with the global coordination efforts:

Participants of the chat meetings who discussed the idea to call for a Global Education Strike agreed on the following so far:

  • After setting up a poll, a call for feedback was sent via the global ISM mailing list to discuss a common timeframe for the Global Education Strike during chat meetings. Participants from Cairo, Kuala Lumpur, Marburg, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Vienna, Zürich and some parts of Italy and Spain decided to call for a Global Day of Action for Education on October 18th and a Global Education Strike fromNovember 14-21st!! The idea encompasses having strikes at as many educational institutions as possible, simultaneously during these 7 days.
  • It is understood and foreseen that the situation will be different at each location; not everyone will be able to strike for the entire week, or sometimes not even a few days. Be it a strike, a rally or any other types of actions in the context of the Global Education Strike, themost important aspect is the COMMUNICATION on the global level!!
  • A common framework (e.g. symbols, slogans, statements) is currently being coordinated and will be discussed in the next chat meeting on June 8th again. Why a common framework? It supports COMMUNICATION. A statement can describe the basic common ground for the global coordination. Symbols/Slogans enable everyone to visually link any activities with the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE when communicating on the local and to the global level. Of course all the elements of the framework should be treated as suggestions. Current state on the discussion regarding a common framework: ~ Joint Statement Current question: Do we want to take this international joint statement [] supported by around 100 groups in 40 countries as a basis for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE? ->
  • All groups, networks and assemblies are asked to analyse the international joint statement and give feedback if they disagree with any parts or miss any points. Feedback can be given thru the global ISM mailing list: international_students_movement@lists.riseup.netand/or during the next chat meeting on June 8th -> During the next chat meeting feedback will be collected and efforts to create a common statement for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE continued.
  • ~ Slogans Participants of the chat on June 1st brainstormed ideas for slogans as part of the common framework and decided to publish them inside this pad: -> All are asked to contribute suggestions for slogans to be used for the framework before the next chat meeting on June 8th -> All identifying with the struggle are invited to the next chat meeting where participants will decide on a selection of slogans ~ SymbolsFirst ideas for common symbols to be used will be discussed during the next chat meeting.

How to share your thoughts and stay connected:

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