A recent Wikileaks cable reveals a meeting between ex-banker, Guillermo Lasso and the former president of El Salvador, Francisco Flores, now wanted by the law in his home country for an alleged corruption scheme.  The cable from Wikileaks reveals that the two worked in Ecuador in 2007 and maybe before, to assure that the private sector would prevent any programs for working people and the poor. (El Telegrafo, May 13, 2014)

A judge in El Salvador has just recently issued an arrest order for the former President Flores, who faces charges of embezzlement, illegal enrichment and disobedience (   .

Judge Marta Rosales on Tuesday, May 6, 2014 asked Interpol for help in arresting Flores, who authorities believe has left El Salvador and could be in Panama.

The 53-year-old Flores was charged last week with embezzling $5.3 million while he was president from 1999 to 2004. He is also charged with mismanaging $10 million that was donated a decade ago by Taiwan’s government during his presidency.


Flores, who ruled El Salvador for the period 1999-2004, was accused by the El Salvadorian prosecution of the embezzlement of public funds — an embezzlement totaling $15 million from Taiwan (aided by his counterpart, Taiwanise, Chen Shui-bian) and was cited for disobedience in failing to appear again on January 30th, 2014 in front of the El Salvador investigating committee of the Legislature that investigated his case.

Flores has denied wrongdoing. He says he turned the loot over to the intended state projects, but has offered no proof of the handover.

But now, Flores is nowhere to be found.  He’s on the run.  He has been missing since last January and on Friday, May 9, 2014 and pursuant to the judge’s request, he was put on the list of most wanted people in the world by the International Police (Interpol), which already included his profile and his alleged offenses on their website (El Telegrafo, May 13, 2014).

As to criminal refugee, Flores, the non-profit association Dominican Alliance Against Corruption (Adocco) said yesterday “could be in the Dominican Republic.”

I would have thought he would be in Coral Gables, Miami with the three times convicted banksters, the Isaias brothers who fled Ecuador when it became apparent they stole $158 million dollars using Filibanco, which they ran (   After all, that is where the ex-President of Bolivia is (he is wanted for genoicde in Bolivia) (  He had the help of James Carville, former advisor to President Bill Clinton and Robert Shrum, another insidious corporate democrat to aid and abet his candidacy in Bolivia (ibid).

The American military and corrupt politicians like Senator Robert Menendez, from New Jersey, Senator Mario Rubio, of Florida, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, and Senator Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, also from Florida love the Anti-Castro Cuban Mafia that has worked assiduously for more than five decades in conspiring to overthrow progressive Latin America leaders.  Menendez and Ros-Lehtinen are now being ‘investigated’ by the Department of Justice in the US for pay to play — read taking money for their ‘campaigns’ from the rancid Isais brothers.


Anti-Castro Cubans love to give refuge to the monsters of Latin America.  Miami is a grazing ground for grifters, corrupt and genocidal Latin American politicians, terrorists and refugee banksters.  They are aided and abetted by both political parties in the US.  Even Obama got some of the swag from the Isaias brothers (

In a statement this week, Adocco explained that Flores traveled to o Panama on the first leg of his flight from justice and from there he moved to Dominican Republic.  Why isn’t he being extradited?

The Cable and Guillermo Lasso


The 07QUITO768_a Cable , dated March 30, 2007, recounts a meeting between the then U.S. Ambassador Linda Jewell and Guillermo Lasso, who at that time led the Free Foundation and the Bank of Ecuador Guayaquil.   Lasso is a right wing oligarch and a powerful political and economic insider who has served in two separate administrations.  Lasso is also former head of the Guayaquil Central Bank and briefly served as Governor of the coastal state of Guayas.  He is an Ecuadorian businessman and politician, and was a presidential candidate for the Ecuadorian general election, 2013 for the party Creating Opportunities. He came in a sorry second place in his bid for presidency in 2013 with 22.68% of valid votes.  Correa got over 57%.

The event in question occurred on March 12, 2007 and the conversation turned to Rafael Correa, who had just two months into his presidency.

The cable shows that the then Ambassador Jewell stated:

“A group of Ecuadorian private sector contacts has approached the embassy and the consulate to express her concern about the political and economic intentions of Rafael Correa,” as described in the document.




The cable then goes on to say:

“Typical of this tradition of looking to others to do the heavy work, there is hope that the United States takes a leadership role and challenge policy Correa” laments Jewell, who signed communication.”   And of course this is the role of any Ambassador from the US: assure oligarch rule by any means necessary, to spy, and to welcome the US military when needed.

In the third item, the diplomat notes that Lasso runs an effort to arrange a private sector response to the rising government policies.   In other words to form an oligarch ‘union’; even though the oligarchs say unions are bad.

Going on the cable notes:

“The group he formed, Ecuador Libre, has worked with the president of El Salvador, Francisco Flores to discuss the risks that the Correa administration could take. He stressed that the analysis was completed before Correa took office and noted how they are, in fact, fulfilled threats.”

The analysis of Free Ecuador Foundation identified four threats to oligarchy and capitalism: manipulation of democratic institutions, increased state control of the economy, promoting class violence and the replication of Venezuela neighborhood committees to increase local control.

Lasso shared these concerns with private employers, and specifically with the presidents of Chambers of Commerce and the private sector industries of Quito, Guayaquil and Cuenca in an attempt to organize opposition to Correa’s policies and presidency.

The issue for Lasso and the oligarchs was to contain any of Correa’s policies that decreased inequality at capital’s expense.

Lasso also spoke with politicians, particularly with Alvaro Noboa, Lucio Gutierrez (former president of Ecuador) and Jaime Nebot (the Mayor of Guayaquil and enemy of Correa). The problem was, according to the cable, that the first did not understand what was happening in Ecuador, the second wanted to put his own terms in process and the third only managed a local agenda.   The third would be Nebot, who was reelected in February of this year.

Lucio Gutierrez


Gutierrez is the former President of the Republic of Ecuador and leader of the Patriotic Society Party (PSP).  He has been accused of plotting the September 30, 2010 coup attempt on Correa’s life (known as 30-S).  Correa escaped and Gutierrez was never indicted.

According to Gutierrez, he said after the event “we had nothing to do with the unfortunate events of September 30th, 2010”.  This was in response to what a research Commission in Ecuador found.

Established on June 10th, 2010 by Executive Decree No. 22, the Commission’s representative Carlos Baca delivered a report in which he stated Gutierrez was responsible for authorship of the 30-S attempt on Correa’s life.

According to the Commission:

“On September 23, he (Gutierrez) met in Miami with the leader of the Patriotic Society.  He also was said to have met with Mario Pazmino.  Mario Pazmino was the former director of the Army Intelligence in Ecuador and was prosecuted by the authorities of this country for disclosing confidential information and thwarting an operation against drug traffickers.  He is an alleged CIA agent associated with the Cuban-American Mafia in Miami and he too has been said to have participated in the coup against Correa on 30-S. (El Telegrafo, May 13, 2014).

Raul Pazmino Mario Silva


So who is Raul Pazmino?

According to the on-line journal, the Rebellion:

“Raul Pazmino Mario Silva is a pure product of USA uptake mechanism agents in Latin America, as described by Philip Agee, former CIA agent. In 1985, the young soldier Pazmiño, with provision for intelligence, was sent to the School of the Americas, which he left, ready and eager to join the network of the USA Embassy in Quito.

According to the Report of Penetration of the CIA in the Armed Forces and National Police (2008), Pazmiño, the Yankee backed official, used his own personal will and power to make decisions without referring to the state authority.  He ruled with an absolute level of arbitrariness, multiple and inexhaustible resources “given away” under “cooperation” with the United States, and of course this means the CIA.

In 2008 , it was discovered the extent of his submission as intelligence chief of the army to the services of American espionage,  This was observed in his treacherous behavior in connection with the bombing on March 1, 2008 of a FARC camp in Angostura, where 26 people, including ” Raul Reyes ” (of FARC) , four Mexican students and an Ecuadorian died.

Pazmino was then removed from all responsibilities.

“We threw him out because we found that he was paid by the CIA”, said the President Correa.

From then on, Pazmino devoted himself to being interviewed by the bourgeois press, defaming the Correa government.  From the right-wing newspaper El Universo, to the imperial oligarchy CNN, Pazmiño became the ideal partner in the dirty war of disinformation from Washington unleashed against the government of Ecuador .

Pazmiño then multiplied the amount of travel he made to Miami to join the Cuban mafia savages, under the domination of the U.S. intelligence.  There, he entered into plans managed by the Ecuadorian president Lucio Gutierrez and his partner, Carlos Alberto Montaner, a Cuban fugitive terrorist the CIA used for five decades to disseminate official propaganda, where he was disguised as ” prestigious” intellectual.

Seven days before the attempted coup in Ecuador (30-S), Pazmiño appears as one of the leaders in the conspiratorial meeting held under the auspices of the so called Inter-American Institute for Liberty and Democracy , a creature of the CIA.

Ultra-right-wing militant, Pazmiño also tried to recruit others, including the former General Edgar Vaca, then head of the National Police in Ecuador.  He looked to work with the “White Legion”, a fascist underground group of terrorists, dedicated to threatening to kill leftist; with the blessing of, of course, of foreign intelligence agencies” ( noted after the failed coup attempt that:
“The resume of Colonel Mario Silva Pazmiño denotes a very effective training by the security agencies of the United States and Israel” (ibid).

But that is not all: Gutierrez also met in Miami with Ecuadorian fugitive bankster Roberto Isaias where they plotted with others to get rid of Correa.


Back in 2007 the business community was preparing radio spots in which “Ecuadorian voices” rejected what they termed ‘the Venezuelan model’.  Lasso asked the U.S. embassy to defend individual freedoms when the private sector was under fire from the government.  Individual freedoms are freedoms from regulation, taxation, overview and the freedom to oppress for profit.

El Telegrafo, a newspaper in Ecuador, recently tried to contact Lasso to inquire about the cable, but he did not respond to interview requests.   Wonder why?  Evidence, I guess.

Mirrrored, sunglassed Colonels and Generals like former (now deceased) Chilean President Pinochet continue to receive help from the US.  Now we know that Ecuador has been, and still is on the map when it comes to overthrowing governments by US imperialism.

But the question remains:  Why are the Isaias brothers, indicted criminals, allowed to live and use their powerful money for media in coral Gables, Florida?  And why is it they emerge as figures in everything anti-Ecuador?

One would have to ask the Obama administration, which by the way received $90,000 from the brothers in his 2012 campaign.  Seems lobbying for savage dictators and the one percent and providing for refuge for Latin American and Carribean  criminals is big money in the US.  Ask James Carville and his group of advisers.  They should know.