For weeks the news has been marinated with the corruption by Republican Governor Chris Christie from New Jersey.  The governor finds himself in a scandal that should prove he is not only corrupt, but incapable of representing the people of New Jersey.

Christie is on the grill for several charges:

The Christie administration was accused of using Hurricane Sandy relief funds as political capital.

He is also under investigation for shutting down traffic in a political opponent’s city simply because that public official exercised his First Amendment rights to support a gubernatorial candidate other than Christie.  But this is just the latest incident in Christie’s long career of flagrant corruption, bullying and ties to the financial elite (


Then there is the breaking news about corruption charges leveled at Former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and his wife Maureen who were arraigned in federal court this last week on 14 counts stemming from the acceptance of illegal gifts and obstruction.  The former Virginia Governor, Bob McDonnell (R) and his wife, Maureen, are under investigation for allegedly taking thousands of dollars in gifts and other favors from the head of a local dietary company. The charges carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison (  Just look what they spent the money on!  It makes Newt Gringrich’s expenditures at Tiffany’s look like a five and dime store purchase.


Corporate Democrats are just as corrupt

But what many citizens do not understand, due to the corrupt corprorate media that conceals more than it reveals. is that the corruption and scandals surrounding Christie and McDonnell are not bi-partisan issues.  They are endemic problems harbored within the system of moral decay and corruption that finds psychotic politicians with their hands out and their offices full of paid lobbyists and corporate interests whom they work for.  This is how capitalism works.  Look at the economy first, then the corporate politicians. One must understand who owns and operates syndicate corporate America to scratch and sniff the truth.

Now a scandal has erupted in the United States after a recent article appeared on NBC in New York, and was replicated by many of the US corporate media.

It involves corporate Democrat Robert Menendez, an anti-Castro Cuban Senator from New Jersey, who lobbied the US government for the permanent residence of Ecuadorian ex-bankers the Isaias brothers.  Menendez loves to play courtesan to the anti-Castro Cuban crowd and villinous criminals from Latin America.  He takes his marching orders from the anti-Castro Cuban ‘community’, made up of terrorists and drug dealers.


News now reports that the Justice Department and the FBI in the United States has now opened a criminal investigation against corporate democratic Sen. Robert Menendez for his alleged links with Ecuadorian criminals, William and Roberto Isaias.  The brothers were, sentenced by the Ecuadorian courts for embezzlement and theft of a $600 million dollars from the bank former Ecuadorian bank, Filanbanco.

John Stewart, the host of his own comedy show on television noted correctly:

“That is some old-school New Jersey corruption: ‘Hey, nice city. Be a shame if anything happened to it” (


The financial mess created and put into practice by the Isais brothers caused the Ecuadorian national treasury about $8 billion and damage to thousands of customers. Equity missing at Flianbanco has been pegged at over $600 million. (

The brothers fled Ecuador in 2000, going of course to Florida, a hot bed of right wing extremism, the Bush criminal family and it was there they began teaming their money in Miami with other shady institutions and individuals.

The brothers were convicted by an Ecuadorian court in absentia in 2003.  According to Ecuadorian authorities, the Isaias’ booty was and is stashed in U.S. banks, mostly in Miami, as well as in banks in other countries ((


The above is a chronology of the Isais brother’s crimes from El Telegrafo, Ecuador (

The brothers now are refugees from Ecuadorian law and reside in Miami where they run businesses and live in luxury without fear of extradition.  I wrote about the criminal Isaias brothers for back in July of last year (ibid).  At you can read the stunning story of how they stole the swag and claimed residency in Miami, Florida, the home of some of the most ruthless terrorists.  And who aided and abetted them in their relocation.

Yet in Miami, the Isaias brothers are seen by the forces of reaction as ‘successful investors’ and live in the luxury city of Coral Gables.  Since fleeing Ecuador the brothers have acquired properties and are partnerships in business and media, such as MIA TV, CNN Latino and other channels in New York, Orlando and Tampa.  Luis Isaias, the son of Robert Isaias, admitted all of this in an interview in the El Nuevo Herald last year (


In a WikiLeaks cable, the former U.S. ambassador in Ecuador, Kristie Kenney, warned that within the US the Isaias brothers were still managing companies in Ecuador (  Evidently no one wanted to listen.  Perhaps now they will and Ecuador can get these jail birds in cuffs.

The information about the Menendez-Isais brother ties was collected by various U.S. media, including the Huffington Post, New York Times, in addition to the NBC television network.

News reports state the allegations are that the powerful chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee (Menendez), allegedly pressured the White House to allow the Isaias brothers stay in the US permanently — even though they are wanted internationally for financial fraud and theft (  He fought for their exile.

According to the NBC report (, the FBI office in New Jersey reportedly told the station that Menendez made ​​calls to the Department of State and Homeland Security on behalf of the brothers who continue to hide out in their safe house Miami, home of some of the worst terrorists in US history.

According to the NBC report, the investigation focuses on whether Menendez actually helped the Isaias brothers in their bid to avoid justice. Menendez is said to have allegedly helped the criminal brothers obtain permanent residency in the U.S (ibid) thereby avoiding extradition.  Ah. the stench of hypocrisy and the corruption of money and greed.

But besides the letters Menendez has written on behalf of the scandalous brothers, the situation is complicated if it is found that the senator received donations.  And it looks like he did.


Federal election records show that there were relatives of the Isaias brothers who donated $10,000 to the senator’s campaign in 2012. They also donated at least one hundred thousand dollars to the Democratic Party that year alone.  God knows how much more was given as payoff so that the brothers could avoid justice and remain in Miami in their million dollar safe-house (  But we do know the Democrats benefited from the pay-offs.

The current investigations against Menendez have now occurred one year after another scandal in which he was involved.  It was alleged he pressured authorities to favor a Medicare recipient, Melgen Salomon, an ophthalmologist in Florida and close friend and major donor to his Menendez’s campaign for Senator.

Of course corporate Democrat Menendez has denied all charges.  A spokesman for Menendez’s office in the state of New Jersey (which he claims he represents, just like Christie claims), denied reports that the Senator is under investigation by the federal agency.  But this is all rhetoric.  The fact is the probe of the anti-Castro corporate democrat is accelerating each day.  In fact, his days may be numbered.

As you can read in the article I penned for, Ecuador has repeatedly asked the U.S. to extradite the Isaias brothers for the crimes they have been convicted of, but with little success (



There is an important lesson for the American people to be learned here.  The fact that corporate democrats are now being outed for their criminal ties to fleeing fugitives and crooks from Ecuador should be of no surprise.  The Democratic Party is hardly different than its Republican counterpart.  Both are corporate parties beholden to the one percent and they work to aid and abet criminals and criminal enterprises throughout the US and the world.  They are finger puppets for plutocrats, thieves and so-called philanthropists.

No, this is not about Republican or Democrat; it is about a country, the US, that is so hypocritical, so socio-pathic, and so corrupt that allegations of dishonesty and unethical psychotic politicians emerge daily and with more frequency than school shootings or Mall massacres.

To give just one example of the double standards the US embraces with smugness, the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden called Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa last year to ask him to deny asylum to Edward Snowden, the ex-CIA analyst.  Correa quickly and correctly advised Biden, in no uncertain terms, that the US harbors some of the most corrupt terrorists and criminals and he mentioned the case of the Isais brothers as a perfect example.  Joey B. probably didn’t even know what Correa was talking about.

So, the US is now a haven for corporate criminals and Mafia figures from all over the world.  That they are aided and abetted by a one party system with two names – Democrat and Republican – should be of no surprise.  These psychotic politicians are mired in corruption and their allegiance is to financial criminals and fraudsters.

It is time for Americans to wake up and become refugees from slumber.  There is no two party system in the US –- only two parties dominated by corporate interests and Wall Street criminals.

When Americans begin to realize this they can begin to fathom the creation of a working people’s party with allegiance not to foreign criminal bankers or lobbyists, but to the people of the United States and to global harmony and justice throughout the world.