The international global capitalist system is so putrefied, the culture so commercialized and intent on colonizing the human mind that it should come as no surprise that the ruling class and their vassals, the nationalized Spanish banking lender Bankia, is offering a Spiderman towel to young investors as part of a sickening, commercialized campaign to hold onto deposits after being taken over by the state in the largest bank rescue in Spain’s history.  Bankia is Spain’s fourth largest bank and is waiting for a 23.5 billion euro state bail-out after it became clear the casino was on-the-ropes.

Bankia holds around 10 percent of Spanish deposits.  Now, it is ginned up to capitalize on children, ‘offering’ a ‘prize’ to kids if they manage to save 300 euros ($375 dollars) by the end of the month of June.  The bank is using children as bait in hopes to fish out more money from the Spanish people who have lost confidence in the banks.

The scheme goes like this:  for every 50 Euros saved, the young account holders can enter a draw for a trip to crumbling New York, where 37,000 armed police will potentially await them if they happen to protest in public.  If they are people of color, then they might want to be aware of the stop and frisk laws that permeate the city, the seething signs of inequality and poverty, the broken infrastructure and the sky high prices.

Capitalizing on dying America’s commercialized comic book super-heroes to cannibalize children is part of the ethic of the neo-feudal, post -literate global capitalist system.  At the same time, the ruling class knows that the whole commodification of childhood also subtly creates the cultural theatre for false consciousness necessary for inverted totalitarianism (; the cruel hoax is not simply engineered to get the bank’s hands on the kid’s money, it is also designed to teach Spanish children to accept the soft underbelly of financial child abuse tethered to  ‘beauty of capitalism’, as opportunities recede in the future and Social Darwinism becomes the norm.

William Black, noted economist, has written, “The best way to rob a bank is to own one”.  True, but you must get ‘depositors’ first, and this is where the children come in, or so thinks Bankia.  Depositors have to have money, don’t they and herein lies the supreme idiocy of the entire affair coupled with its ideological necessity.  Commodifying children to get their parents’ money is how the technocrats plan to save the failing banks.

As an economic and social system, capitalism cannot even provide basic needs – food, shelter, education, and welfare — to the majority of its children throughout the so-called ‘developed nations and beyond.  It is an economic system where inequality reigns like a material monarchy and economic predators prey on children under the guise of an ethics of personal and social responsibility, while failing them in every way, shoving their faces into the trauma of current history.

Now, not content with foreclosing on our children’s economic future; not content with using technology to continuously replace human labor for more profits, thus creating a surplus population of children that may never work in their lives; not content with looting, plunder and larceny a sector of the international ruling class can be seen rummaging through the pant pockets of our kids to pay back their casino losses and cover their bonuses and profits.

This is just one face of austerity.  How long can this vulgarity and horrific Donner party last?