As the teaching profession morphes from a ‘profession’ to a Walmart model for educational barbarity and corporate pillage, teachers are now encouraged to become hustlers as they see massive layoffs due to years of fiscal starvation, austerity, the mechanization of ‘learning’ through cyber distance learning classes and the decimation of what was once a nobel profession.

To accomodate the surplus labor of teachers, Craigslist is being utilized by hucksters in an effort to fish in desperate, depressed, demoralized and once lauded professionals.   It is so nice to be wanted and appreciated as a ‘teacher’ now that Gates, Walton, Broad and their host of venture and vulture capitalists have targeted teachers as terrorists while they use public largess to anchor their grimy feet into privatizing edcuation.

Even psychological misery is a “crisis” that cannot go wasted.

Here is one such ad posted on Craigslist promoting the new fedual economy of piece work and intellectual migrant work, all to the detriment of students, parents and their kids:


Professor (Philadelphia) Date: 2012-08-05, 10:05AM EDT

Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]

New college (startup) projected to begin January of 2013 requests college professors to volunteer (essentially donate time and training) services by offering a college course that will be presented locally, but also made available online (e/distance learning) and in DVD-format.

Opportunity for future payment.

College will be a non-profit Christian University that will offer courses throughout the United States, and be affiliated with World Christian University.

Courses will also be made available to offenders who are in state and federal prisons.

Possibility of volunteer work leading to full-time academic position.

Startup institution will offer extremely low cost college courses, and will begin with limited capital-therefore the need to get started with volunteer teaching.

Courses could be made available on tape, and online, and therefore some courses could be prepared for presentation in as little as two weeks taping time.

Thanks and God bless.

Please contact Dr. Will Korey at 215-687-6971

Location: Philadelphia it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests it’s OK to distribute this charitable volunteerism opportunity for inclusion in 3rd party web sites that have been approved by craigslist