No one is naive enough to think that the ruling class in this country or elsewhere is set to allow Occupy ‘anything’ to get in the way of profits, control and authoritarianism, are they?

Bush set the ground work for all the illegal spying, warrantless wiretaps, Patriot Act and the whole kit and kaboodle that goes with fascism.  Strange, few mention the word fascism anymore.  It is as if it is somehow ‘taboo’ to point in the direction of where we are headed. 

With drones now set to fly over the ‘land of the free’ American ‘exceptionalism’ is on full display.  But Google has become one with the corporate state and are willing partners in the new world order that has arrived.  Secret ‘apps’ installed on cell phones is the latest news.  These apps can:

  • Monitor apps on millions of phones ‘reads’ and transmits SMS messages
  • Be installed as standard on U.S. phones to let networks see how customers use their phones
  • They also read every Google search
  • They transmit data to software creators
  • And the company has attempted to suppress reports

 The  Daily Mail Reporter, out of Britain where two million people are set to tell the ruling class: You want class war, we will give you class war, reported  on 30th November 2011 that over the past few months, Google’s Android phones have been subjected to increased attacks by malicious software.

But, unbeknownst to most, it seems millions already come with spy software ‘pre-installed’.

“Carrier IQ - a software package often used by US phone networks to monitor how phones are used - seems to not only read private text messages and Google searches, but transmit that data to Carrier IQ.

HTC’s Evo 4G handset runs Google’s popular Android software: But software used to ‘monitor’ how Android users use their phones appears to seriously violate privacy.

The criminal company denies that its software is designed to spy on users but do not be fooled.

An Android app developer Trevor Eckhart showed that Carrier IQ - installed as standard on phones such as HTC’s handsets, many Android handsets and some BlackBerries - can ‘read’ what users type.

Eckhart demonstrated that not only does the software ‘read’ every keystroke put into a phone, the software also appeared to read every text message sent to the phone.

It also appeared to ‘log’ location data - and transmit all of this to Carrier IQ.

Carrier IQ immediately tried to suppress Eckhart’s report but to no avail.

The Electronic Freedom Foundation, an activist group which promotes free speech online, said, ‘Carrier IQ fired off a cease-and-desist letter to Eckhart, claiming that he infringed its copyrights and made unspecified false allegations about its software.   This is  how they work if they do not use assassination; they promise lawsuits that will break you.  ‘Among other things, the company demanded that Eckhart turn over contact information for every person who had obtained the files from him, and that he replace his analysis with a statement - written for him by Carrier IQ - disavowing his research,’ said Electronic Freedom Foundation.  Sound like Bradley Manning?

The Carrier IQ software is said to be used by phone networks to monitor how customers use their handsets - but it appears to significantly overstep the mark by ‘reading’ private messages and web use.  Sure, marketed as a consumer item the software is the latest in the arsenal of law enforcement and the corporations it protects.

The frightening thing is that Carrier IQ is installed as standard on many U.S. handsets to allow phone networks to monitor usage, and now, messages themselves.

Google is on record saying:

“Carrier IQ delivers Mobile Intelligence on the performance of mobile devices and networks to assist operators and device manufacturers in delivering high quality products and services to their customers” (ibid).

The company specifically denies that its sotware is used to ‘monitor’ customers - which appears to directly contradict Eckhart’s demo.  Who do you believe?  Google, who works with fascist China to assure no unrest befalls corporations exploiting labor, land and the environment or Eckhart?

According to Carrier IQ:

“We are counting and summarizing performance, not recording keystrokes or providing tracking . The metrics and tools we derive are not designed to deliver such information, nor do we have any intention of developing such tools” (ibid).

Ekchart’s demonstration, however, showed clearly that the app was not only recording the information, but also transmitting it to Carrier IQ.  Google lies and works with the governments of the world to suppress dissent and assure unfettered profit seeking and the destruction of not just democracy, but the environment and planet.

Eckhart questioned why some of the software’s functions were even there at all.  He asked:

“Why does SMSNotify get called, and shown to be dispatching messages to Carrier IQ?  Why is my browser data being read?”

Googe and Carrier IQ’s response:  None.  They are beholden to no one but the dictatorships they support, the corporations that render a mutliated life and the various ‘law enforcement’ they actually work for.

Get ready people.  The ruling class’ coordinated response to Occupy ‘everywhere’ has not shownits brutality yet.  What you have been witnessing as response from law enforcement with the coordination of Home Land Security and the FBI and CIA is mere foreplay for what we can expect as the quality of life deteriorates for the 99 percent and mass resistance and direct action follow.