Dear Project Censored

I am a student at Jacobs University Bremen , Germany. I was a student of Peter Ludes in ‘Mass Media and Network Communication’ last semester and since I came up with a case of yellow journalism, I am writing to you.

I have just submitted a story to . The link to this news below.

The given story is only half true. CNN - IBN is spreading this false news (mostly in India but also in global scale) saying that Nepal is invading their land. While the truth is the other way round. 2 years ago in Nepal, the Nepalese media was asked to shut up by our very own politicians when they were trying to cover up the news of Indian army chasing Nepalese people away from their homes, raping our women, and killing us mercilessly at the border side. The exact number of victims is not out and this news was not discussed more than a month as we have our other serious problems to face.

The truth is that the border region is defined by river Mahakali which was signed by the Britishers in 19th century. Over years, the river has changed its course. But, 2 years ago they made us homeless and that news was not brought out. This is an unclear issue but why do people in Nepal not know anything about it then. Should this not have been discussed properly. And, the news itself says that they are exchanging fires to settle the Indians there. While Nepalses are being killed on the borderside, why is Nepalses press so silent and apparently unaware.

Also, their is no news at all of how they exploit that treaty to send flood to Nepal every year while they enjoy a lot of benefits from it.

Despite being second largest country in inland water resources, we do not have electricity for 14 hours per day. We cannot tell our story to the world because of this thing while the Indian media is of course famous worldwide.

While I was checking google yesterday on this news topic ‘Nepal grabs Bihar land’ there were two pages back to back saying the same news in different colours . But there wasent a single page that told the other side of the story. The truth here is still to be uncovered.

This obviously at the moment is not a big issue and Indian government will defend this very cleverly. But the way I see it, this process has been going on for years. The western society thinks that Buddha was born in India which is so totally not true. This is how media over years has influenced our lives.

Since, the Nepalese cannot do anything about it due to the pressure from Indian side, I want to do research on this under a proper project. I can find documentations regarding this issue that will help uncover the topic and I am working on it. To what extent will projectcensored be able to help me expose this truth to the Indian and the Nepalese citizens.

Abhimanyu Chhetri
Class of 2012 - Jacobs University Bremen