The health insurance, hospital, and pharmaceutical cartels want to force you to buy health insurance. They have contributed millions to their minions in the government, and as a result, they are on the verge of getting a law passed that will reap billions.
If you really want to stop the health insurance profit promotion bill, then let Congress know that we will use our most powerful right to hold government accountable. This is our right to present evidence indicating the commission of a crime to a grand jury and ask for an investigation and an indictment.
If you are wondering what acts associated with this bill could indicate the commission of any crimes, there are a variety of crimes which should be investigated and prosecuted.
Accepting large amounts of donations from an industry and then passing a bill which provides big gains to that industry in spite of widespread public opposition shows probable cause that a few crimes may have been committed, such as bribery 18 U.S.C. § 201, unlawful receipt of compensation 18 U.S.C. § 203, and theft of honest services 18 U.S.C. 1346. Violations of each of these laws are felonies.
Also, since there is no legal authority under the U.S. Constitution to require anyone to buy any product or service such as health insurance, the attempts to pass this bill are a conspiracy to violate our rights under color of law in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 241 and if it passes, it would be a violation of our rights under color of law in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 242. Yes, it is a felony when people in government violate our rights under color of law.
This evidence suggests that there may be probable cause to investigate. In actuality, we don’t need that because many members of Congress know that they have engaged in tit for tat with the health insurance companies who will benefit from this bill, and as a result, if they even get wind that someone may try to get an investigation started, they are likely to reconsider their position.
If you are wondering how you can get a complaint to a Federal grand jury and start an investigation, the pertinent part of 18 U.S.C. § 3332(a) states, “any attorney appearing on behalf of the United States … receiving information concerning such an alleged offense from any other person shall, if requested by such other person, inform the grand jury of such alleged offense, the identity of such other person, and such attorney’s action or recommendation.” Several organizations are considering mounting a petition drive for such an effort.
Several organizations have message generators ready for you to use. Here are the links to the message generators for The Peace Team, Take Back Medicine, FreedomWorks and Downsize DC. Each one allows you to add a personal comment to their message. You can use the message generator that you want or all three. If you know of others, please post the links in the comments below.
Each of these organizations has a message asking your members of Congress not to pass the health insurance profit mandate, but we really need to get their attention. So, here is an idea for something to add to these messages to let your members of Congress know that you are serious:
Do you think that you are above the law?
You should understand that you have no power under the U.S. Constitution to require anyone to buy any product or service such as health insurance and that violating our rights under color of law is a felony violation of both 18 U.S.C. §§ 241 and 242.
Also, you should realize that taking campaign contributions from the health insurance companies and then forcing us to buy their insurance is prima facie evidence that you have accepted a bribe and deprived us of your honest services in violation of statutes prohibiting bribery 18 U.S.C. § 201, unlawful receipt of compensation 18 U.S.C. § 203, and theft of honest services 18 U.S.C. § 1346. Violations of each of these laws are felonies.
There is a movement to bring complaints about these actions to grand juries across our country and ask for investigations and prosecutions.
Govern yourself accordingly if you want to avoid the legal consequences flowing from such actions.
End suggested message.
You can copy it and paste it into each of the message generators at the links above, and of course, you can edit it if you want. Although you could tell them that you will arrest them since you have probable cause to believe that they are engaged in the commission of felonies, I wouldn’t go that far. Just letting them know that we know that they are not above the law and that we know how to push for investigations and prosecutions should be enough to make them think about Constitutional alternatives to the problems which have been caused by decades of government favoritism to the health insurance industry.
Take action and spread the news or else there is no telling which industry will be able to entice Congress to pass a law to make us buy their products or services next.

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If you are not sure whether or not the health insurance profit mandate is Constitutional, see:

The Individual Mandate: An Unconstitutional Exercise of Congressional Power by Law Professor Sheldon H. Laskin

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CBO analysis of the Constitutionality of the Individual Health Insurance Mandate. The analysis begins on page 11 of the file and the CBO points out that is unprecedented. Of course, since it is blatantly unconstitutional, it is not surprising that it is unprecedented.

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