Athough many people still work in offices and in factories this is all changing rapidly and at speeds never before seen.  The forces of production, such as technology, are now displacing workers with increased rapidity and accelerated madness that if continued, will leave many more unemployed, disposable and on the margins of survival.

According to Business Insider the workplace of the future is going to be less centralized, more mobile, and more flexible than anything most people outside the startup and so called free market economy have experienced before.  And that means more unemployment, more surplus labor and more misery for the working class all over the world.

Of course under capitalism the means of production is controlled by a small minority of capitalists and until people begin to wake up, organize and mobilize for a differnent reality the future seems dystopic.  If the means of production is controlled by the working people,  then the benefits can erase inequality all over the world.

You can read more: at and view the video of the workplace of the future that is being designed by the one percent.