Detroit Teachers Can Win if We Take Back Our Union Now!  It’s Time for the       
DFT to Act Like a Union Again, and Not an Arm of the Administration!
Vote EON/BAMN Slate for the DFT Delegates to the   
 2014 AFT National and State Teachers Union Conventions
Ballots should arrive at your home, and are due by Mach 28
¨      Elect Leaders Who Will Fight Proudly and Aggressively for Pay Raises, Smaller Class Sizes, and an End to the Scapegoating and Mistreatment of Teachers!
¨      Elect Leaders Who Will Fight the Politicians’ Phony Education Reform Agenda and Emergency Manager Dictatorships Whose Real Goal is to Liquidate Public Schools and Public Services, and Implement a New Era of Jim Crow Inequality!
¨      Equal, Quality Education for the Young People of Detroit!  Build the New Civil Rights and Immigrant Rights Movement!  Fight for Dr. King’s Vision for America!
This election presents Detroit teachers with a huge new opportunity.
We can elect Steve Conn and the other rising new leaders of the EON/ BAMN slate, and begin the process of turning things around in the DFT and DPS.
Or we can let Keith Johnson and his UTR group continue to destroy our union, allowing our enemies to take back decades of Detroit teacher victories.
There is absolutely no going forward in pay or job security or teaching conditions until we resolve the problem of leadership in the DFT.  Keeping Johnson, VP Edna Reaves and their team would leave us utterly defenseless against the next wave of paycuts, class size hikes, layoffs, school closings, etc.
Again and again, Steve Conn and EON/BAMN have proved their worth as leaders, most recently in the fights to save Catherine Ferguson Academy and Day School for the Deaf, and the fight at the US Supreme Court to overturn the racist ban on university affirmative action programs in Michigan.
Your ballot should arrive at your home in late March.   Remember to Vote EON / BAMN and return it.   And tell everyone in your school and any other DFT members you know to do the same.
As Detroit teachers, we have so much to be proud of. We work extremely hard, every day, on jobs which are essential to the future of our society.  Why shouldn’t we have a union leadership that believes in us, and will proudly speak out for us and represent us at every juncture?
The people of Detroit – and most importantly the youth – are ready to give all-out support to any union or political force willing to take on the pitiful conditions in the schools, the relentless destruction of living standards, and the inequality and segregation that are rapidly expanding throughout America.
The growing wave of opposition to the EAA testifies to the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people of Michigan support public education.  In spite of all the anti-public education propaganda by the politicians and media, people do not want their schools shut down or replaced by charter schools.
The EAA is championed by Snyder, but teachers should never forget that the EAA was initiated by the Democrats and has always been a bipartisan project.  Thus once again, we see the bankruptcy of the teachers unions’ political strategy of tying themselves to “friendly” Democrat and Republican politicians.
But we cannot win this fight in Detroit alone.  The problems we face are national; they require a national solution.
That’s what makes your vote for the EON / BAMN slate in this election especially important!  If elected to represent you at the upcoming conventions, the candidates of the EON / BAMN slate will be able to organize the thousands of others delegates to join this struggle – delegates from  New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and countless other cities and towns throughout the country.
It is time for Detroit to lead the nation again in building a national movement for civil rights and equality.  You can play an important role in this effort by casting your vote in the upcoming elections for the EON / BAMN slate, and organizing others at your school to do the same!
Equal Opportunity Now
By Any Means Necessary
Steve Conn
Myra Akpabio
Bea Carter
Charles Thomas Beattie
Asenath Richmond
David T. Brennan
Ucal P. Finley
Angela Johnson
Derrick Marable
Patricia McCoin
Leslee Przgodski
Mark Davis
Greg Dunmore
April Chambers
Eti Umana
Joseph Arfre
Chrystal Cannon
Barbara Selley
Leah Paukovits
Alvera Smith