Picture of David Bing, mayor of Detroit, Robert Bobb, Financial manager and employee of Eli Broad along with a representative from a major textbook company seeking contracts to be paid for by taxpayers.

The following is from members of the Detroit Federation of Teachers.  They have been fighting for some time now the policies of Race to the Top and Robert Bobb, the Financial Manager for the city of Detroit.  Their students have led walk-outs and fought against takeover plans by WalMart of sections of the curriculum.

I am publishing this, as I have done much of the other literature from DFT, for it is important for all communities to see the strategies and actions that lead to a victory over the privatizers.

Thanks, Detroit!

Stop the Chaos in our Schools!  

Join with DPS Students, Parents, and the Community to

Save Public Education in Detroit

Robert Bobb has got to Go!-Take Back the DFT

Tired of the craziness in our schools?

The lack of books & supplies, lack of schedules, private consultants in our classes, Teach for America, oversized classes, and the fiasco at the St. Regis then make a change, NOW! Come to the meeting this

Wednesday, September 1, from 4:00 to 7:00pm at Gracious Savior Church—19484 James Cozens (Lodge northbound service drive just north of 7 mile) 

The Defend Public Education / Save our Students caucus of the DFT had a very successful meeting on Monday after school and this Wednesday we will continue to plan to take back our union and end the madness Bobb has created in DPS.  

By uniting with the students and parents of the Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit community we can stop the chaos and destruction that Robert Bobb has caused in our schools and classrooms.  We will plan out specifically how we can take back our union, and use the force of the DFT to make a true turn around in our district.

Detroit students deserve the best and it is time we join with the community and our students and parents to create the first-class, quality schools we all deserve to teach and learn in!

Come Wednesday after school and join the Defend Public Education / Save our Students caucus.  Together we can win.

To see member speeches from Defend Public Education / Save our Students caucus at the AFT national convention in Seattle go to

For more information contact 313.645.9340 or email