The Lewis Cass Technical High School in Detroit was abandoned in 2007 after a fire wreaked havoc and made it unusable.

These pictures were taken after the building had been sitting empty and decaying for years. The school was brought back to life by superimposing photographs taken while the school was still in use, matching up the exact parts of the building where they were originally taken.

As I wrote some 5 years ago, Detroit Schools were the Canary in the Coal Mine for privatization through charter schools and autocracy (

Now take a look at what Detroit schools look like!

You will see that the images are perfectly aligned!

This is the educational environment in the US where education is a threat to ruling class elites.  So, they will destroy it, have already and the using the ‘crisis’, as Naomi Klein stated, will “Shock Doctrine us into oblivion.

The real victims are people of color as the educational policies of the Obama administration are racist.

When will Americans stand up, or will they, to staunch the ruthless decimation of our children?