Depression can be ontologically (way of being) embraced as a natural expression of empathy; a rational response to the present conditions of psychopathic Earth “leadership.” Choosing to embrace rather than resist so-called “depressed” thoughts and feelings opens a pathway to possible proactive thoughts, speech, and actions to transform present conditions to unpredictable and even unimaginable virtues.

That is, if a human being is going to participate in the transformation of present Earth conditions, then it seems normal for most people to have reactions that may include shock, horror, denial, sadness, fear, rage, depression, and anxiety in becoming responsible (response-able) to Earth conditions when factually embraced. This is a temporary stage that those of us with experience observe often, and almost all of us have gone through ourselves. 

Initially painful reactions is a transitory phase to discovering openings for action in this condition. It also opens real-world exercise of religious/spiritual/philosophical self-expression for ontological peace within this condition.

In simpler terms: Duh. Who wouldn’t be upset when you wake-up to how badly we’re being fu*ked? And who wouldn’t step-up to help when you see the OMFG crimes centered in warmoney, and media (and ~100 other areas)?

Let’s look at depression as one example of the victim/initial phase, with opportunity as a validating response of empathy. What most people call “depression” includes two interpretations before a potential breakthrough third:

  1. External conditions are somehow “wrong” or “bad.”
  2. Internal power or resources are insufficient to substantially improve those conditions.
  3. Even though external conditions are not preferable, and resources might be insufficient to alter those conditions, human beings are free to dance in full creative self-expression regarding our condition and resources.

Let’s look at each of these three interpretations of the world.

External conditions are “bad”: As humans awaken to the facts, these are certainly “bad” compared to what ~99% of us would prefer:

So! Appreciating objective, measurable, and independently verifiable factual world conditions, ~99% of us would truthfully assess such conditions as “bad” relative to a range of alternatives!

A big part of such an assessment of “bad” is natural empathy for those suffering under such conditions.

Resources are insufficient to improve “bad” conditions: Connected to the assessment of “bad,” we naturally prefer to upgrade those conditions approaching “good.” That said, awakening humans notice their previous “entranced” state still existing for almost all humanity when we try to naturally share our factual findings with others.

The result for almost all of us is we find that other humans, even those we believed who most care for us, are not ready to engage in factual consideration of the human condition. In combination with corporate media’s propaganda of oligarchs’ continuous manipulations to continue neo-slavery over the 99%, we can naturally conclude that our personal and perceivable resources are too small to overcome the history and existing propaganda that maintains these Orwellian conditions.

Even when we realistically assess how many humans are awake enough to recognize the Orwellian conditions, my colleagues who I ask estimate a range of 1 to 10 million Americans (3% at maximum), with likely higher percentages outside the US. The effects upon US policies to date seem to suggest that we have enough of us awake so we’re difficult to ignore, but too few to alter much in what happens.

So! It just seems accurate data from our experience that many or most people are not ready to factually embrace world conditions, and our total resources are not sufficient yet to significantly alter such conditions. That is, the “bad” conditions are likely to continue into the immediate future.

Again, considering this frame to observe “depression,” anyone with empathy for those suffering would feel both the “bad” conditions and the rationally-assessed likelihood those conditions will continue. The “silver-lining” is this validates our empathy.

Human beings are free in self-expression: After the shock, fear, depression, and whatever else is embraced, we see those as normal initial knee-jerk reactions for humans who see “good” as very different from what we have on Earth.

And after the lack of responses of our sharing (or “bad” responses) are embraced, we begin to see an Earthian tragic-comedy in play. This is not necessarily bad as a genre, and certainly requiring critical mass force of unawakened humans to exist!

So! Given human power to self-express as we see best that all of us experience in areas of expertise/power, we can sense/feel power to dance with world conditions as we choose. What we can see:

  • Empathy drives us to transform “bad” conditions to “good.”
  • Our Earthian tragic-comedy challenges self-expression to produce such “bad” to “good” outcomes, given direct communication often produces denial/resistance.
  • We humans are free to self-express in this area of Life, and all other areas (this is where your sense of Faith/religion/spirituality can inform what you best feel of virtue to express and experience on the journey).

Conclusion: Humans are free to self-express, and as guests on this planet we’re not part of management to determine anyone else’s choices. Experiment and do what feels best, feeling that your empathy is a virtue to fuel your self-expression. If we are to win, and I bet we are, the victory will be swift in an Emperor’s New Clothes moment, with my preference being Truth & Reconciliation for the evil and minions to fully disclose the facts.

Personally, from political activism since 1977, here’s what seems to drive my self-expression (more here):

  • Know your purpose has 95%+ agreement when people have the facts.
  • Do what is natural and virtuous for your self-expression: Given a position of power that you have an outcome people really want, AND given a condition that people may not recognize easily the attractiveness of what we offer, experiment with your most virtuous self-expression to play this game. Your unique, powerful, and beautiful sense of virtue is attractive when expressed, and the best you have to offer. Connected with my next point, my own sense of virtue is to be of simple service and fun with others. I only offer information when a genuine opening occurs consistent with someone’s expressed interests. My friend, Bucky Fuller, called this particular indirect outcome precession (and here), similar to the contribution honey bees make with pollination as a side-product of their interest in honey. The outcome is ever-increasing experience and expression of virtue.
  • Relax and have fun ‘cuz we’re guests on Earth, not management: For the first part of my activist career, I operated to save human lives from poverty as quickly as possible. The hard truth is that I am insufficiently powerful to produce that outcome on my own; I am only able to offer this outcome (or any other) in networks for various groups’ consideration. Given my gradual acceptance of an apparent status as a human guest on Earth outside of direct managerial decisions, I’ve looked at different perspectives to be effective and enjoy this experience. From having “played” as hard and fast as I could for years, I’ve surrendered to Bucky’s conclusion/observation of precession.

If a pathway hasn’t opened to your powerful self-expression so far, and you’re interested, look from the power of purpose, what’s natural to your sense of virtue, and what seems fun. Having a chat with like-minded friends should also open valuable ideas :)