States and other municipalities are going bankrupt.  This country is self-destructing.  We are simply ignoring the klaxon.  But, lets examine this.

Governors and mayors facing large deficits have set their sights on a relatively new target — the soaring expense of health benefits for millions of retired state and local workers.

As they contend with growing budget deficits and higher pension costs, some mayors are complaining that their outlays for retiree health benefits are rising by 20 percent a year — a result of the wave of retirements of baby boomers and longer life expectancies on top of the double-digit rate of health care inflation.

Who is raising the costs of healthcare?  Maybe we should take a stab at cutting on the other end.  Cut the insurance companies.  No, slash the insurance companies.  They are the crooks.  They are the ones who sell you policies that you cannot afford with deductibles you cannot meet.  The greedy, fat necked Republicans want to bring back the old health care that literally cost you an arm, leg, or breast and when you really needed it, it wasn’t there.

“Up to now, the action taken to deal with this problem has been gradual, but it’s begun to explode,” said John Thomasian, director of the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices. “In 14 states, the state pays 100 percent of the health benefits for retirees. That’s very generous.”

New Jersey is one of those states that pays so much.  What is their really, really fat necked governor doing?  He is cutting education and everything but homage to the health care industry.

Small businesses are complaining that they cannot afford health care for their employees.  Small wonder, the elite 2% have hardly left enough money in the economy for us to afford much of anything at all.  Did you know that we are the only country in the world that requires businesses to provide healthcare?  It isn’t healthcare that is out of control in this country, it is the health insurance industry that has us by the cajones and they are squeezing us with all their might.

Feel good?  Don’t call your doctor just yet.  Call your congressman or woman.  Tell him or her that you want to scrap healthcare and put in the government option like everyone else in the civilized world has.  A single payer will have the ability to control those costs and provide us with the care we need.  Cut out the health insurance industry like the malicious, malignant cancer that it really is.