From Larry Miller’s blog out of Wisconsin

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Right wing fringe blogger Kyle Olsen, who has admitted to making up stories to move his right-wing agenda, now has criticized a Milwaukee teacher for having students discuss and write about civic duty at a school where parents and staff alike have been trying to come up with answers to the cuts devastating Milwaukee Public Schools.

Even before Scott Walker began his slash and burn policies toward Milwaukee Public Schools this elementary school in Milwaukee’s Riverwest community faced $150,000 in cuts from the previous year. This led to school-wide discussion that students inquired about both at home and in school. One of the parents’ response was to help start a new organization to help fight for public education called I Love My Public Schools. Since Walker made his budget moves this organization has fought hard against the Republican moves to destroy public education.

It is the duty of teachers to bring these issues to students in an age appropriate manner to think critically and to engage them in problem solving and civic action. Writing letters to the school board for answers to the problems they see is a natural way for students to engage in community discussion. But Kyle Olson does not want this. If you look at the vitriol on Olson’s blog, teachers are the embodiment of all evil while worshipping at the altar of Scott Walker and the Republicans. For him, students should be “seen and not heard” and especially not heard if they want their teachers back.

I say to teacher and students, keep fighting to get your teachers back!