From:  Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman

Interim Chancellor
Dear College Community,
We have received the decision from ACCJC. The Commission has decided to terminate City College of San Francisco’s accreditation effective July 31, 2014, approximately one year from now.
We are immediately moving forward to request a review on the Commission’s decision per ACCJC’s policy  on request for review.


During this process, the College remains on Show Cause and all programs and services remain accredited. We will continue to serve our students and communities with the level of service and quality instruction they expect from City College. We are currently registering new and current students for the fall semester.


Their units will transfer and their degrees and certificates will be recognized as awarded by an accredited institution.


If you have questions, please go to the Accreditation of the City College website and submit your questions using the following link. We will respond with answers as quickly as possible.


Should you wish to review the accreditation decision letter, it is posted on the CCSF website under Accreditation. (


I want to recognize the hard work that was done by so many of you.


Thank you for all that you do.


Dr. Thelma Scott-Skillman
Interim Chancellor
Now that City College of San Francisco will not be re-accredited by the ACCJC, the bullying hit squad of the Lumina Foundation and the Department of Education and WASC (not to mention Governor Jerry Brown), in 2014 if an appeal will not work to get the college accredited, no units that students take will be transferable and thus the college will probably close.
This is what the corporate raiders want, of course, and why they have chosen to not accredit the college.
Thelma Skillman is a shill.  The accrediting agency that denied accreditation is the ACCJC and they have received over two million dollars from the Lumina Foundation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Lumina is the kitchen cabinet of the Department of Education and is out to assassinate all junior colleges that do not fall in line with their murderous programs (
As the article that follows by an activist fighting for the life blood of CCSF notes: the fix was in all the time.
As I note in my article: The Obama 20/20 plan: Chump change you cannot believe in, part one and two, this failure to accredit City College is all part of a larger national plan.  And that plan has an insidious liquid center and is being steered by Wall Street and the one percent.
The Chancellor of all Community Colleges in California is Brice Harris and he himself is a made man at the Lumina Foundation, having groveled for them in the past, serving on the privately funded and Lumina packed: Student Success Task Force (SSTF).  This, of course is why he has his position and why he has helped steer 90,000 students who attend CCSF down a black hole of despair with no hope for an education.  This is the disposable youth that are now being sacrificed on the altar of profit.
Governor Jerry Brown is also a pat of the crime scene.  He takes his money from the Apollo Group, owner of the notorious criminal enterprise called the University of Phoenix.
Part three, the final part of this article on Obama’s vicious hoax called the “do/do plan for higher education”, will be up this week and will specifically cover Lumina, the advocacy philanthropists set out to destroy public education and the Department of Education and Obama’s filthy plans for the public commons.
From, Occupy Bob, an activist fighting for CCSF to be accredited:
We are confronted with a choice, in fact many choices.
Up till the present doubling over punch to our solar plexuses, we as a Coalition at CCSF in confronting and fighting back against the entrenched 1% interests have pretty much towed the line we were told to, to meet the conditions necessary for satisfying accreditation standards.
Yes, we had our demonstrations in dissent, our meetings at the various campuses to rally support, our March to City Hall to win the support of the Board of Supervisors which we did, the overnight Occupation by the Students and some teachers from our Coalition of the SS Headquarters, our attempts to meet with SS (Scott-Skillman) before she fled with a police escort, and our persistent and unyielding presence at all of the Board of Trustees’ meetings, vociferous denouncements notwithstanding.
BUT the reins of power and control were not in our hands. They were in the hands of the trustees, especially one ignominious special trustee, Agrella the Hun, that suave, slippery tongued ultimate ax man for the 1%.
They were in the hands of Fischer, Beno, SS, the triumvirate of the wicked witches of non-transparent democratic process.
By the way, when SS walked out of the budget meeting at the last BoT gathering way before all the voting had taken place, I thought that was an example of collecting a salary but short changing the People who paid her salary.
Obviously I was mistaken in my interpretation. She had already known, since the fix has been in from the beginning, what the decision rendered yesterday was to be, so why waste her time pretending to do the People’s Work. Just wash off the dirt of serving her masters, collect her additional pension money, her thirty pieces of silver, and escape to her hideout and “eat cake”. May it be laced with a mind altering psychedelic.
So all in all we all watched as others seated in privileged positions postured, gesticulated, pontificated, and spoke authoritatively of the necessity to follow their most wise lead and that they would lead us to the Promised Land of Accreditation.
Oops, no light at the end of the tunnel, folks. No prize for the easily lead, dutiful authoritarian followers, no promised accreditation if we just did it “their way”.
Nota Bene: Didn’t one Agrella the Hun just get his contract renewed over the protestations of all of us at the recent BoT meeting? Didn’t we ask most justifiably that at least we wait a couple of weeks to see if he had actually earned his $1000 a day meal ticket at our expense? And didn’t the trustees with the exception of Shanell, the People’s Choice, lock step defiantly against our better judgement? And hasn’t hindsight proved our position definitively more correct than theirs?
And didn’t the trustees at their last meeting gird their loins, brassing up their balls and ovaries with quaint and ostentatious shows of chest pounding as their swan song crumb thrown at the powers that be for the People’s entertainment, before they incontinently let go of their aforementioned girding?
Let me ask you one serious question about this. Did they already know the outcome? Are we so naive to think that with all the behind the scenes machinations of power and influence of which they mingled and cavorted that they were not privy to the ultimate fix that was in?
Oh, Bob, some of you might be saying, you’re so cynical. My answer to you____ When politics has become so cynical, isn’t a less than cynical read of it naive, delusional,and self destructive?
So what are our choices? We are already being told that if we but FOLLOW the lead of the likes of one Brice Harris, state chancellor of California’s Community Colleges, HE (once again another of our superior authoritarian leaders), He will rescue us with presumably His choice of yet another special trustee with extraordinary powers. I guess the last one lost his load at the last BoT’s meeting when the Public impaled his soon to have been vacuous record of accomplishments for our College.
You see, THEY have got the complete playbook in their hands, and THEY have only to give a tug at the monkey leash around our self imposed obedient necks and once again, let the hooked nosed herds follow their superiors; because, omg, if we don’t, things are going to get really, really, really bad. Mind you, they were just one really bad before.
And those who have already rationalized their continued or upcoming obedience to THEM, to those who feel a certain dampness in their drawers as they read this, one has to wonder where you stood before and where you’ll stand in the future. But it matters little because you’re an obedient authoritarian follower and there’s no place in this struggle for those who will not draw on their full capacities as rationally conscious individuals facing a formidable and undemocratic and unprincipled enemy. We need only those who will make a strong commitment to justice.
I think it bears pointing out that Brice Harris “consulted” first with mayor Lee. Wasn’t he the one who wouldn’t meet with the Students, Faculty, and Community on our March to City Hall? The question needs to be asked, “Why didn’t he consult with the Body and Community of our College first and foremost, the ones most affected by this blow?” The answer is rhetorical. And revealing.
I would contend that the way the game is played among the “superior leaders” is insular, dark and dankly non-transparent, and undemocratic.
We are but the unruly masses needed only to be hoodwinked during elections for giving the imprimatur of a democracy to their continued dismantling of our College and our Democracy. I made my case about Rafael Mandelman in my last piece of writing which is appropriate here and now. He is just another self-serving facilitator for the Few and the Greedy, a viper with two heads, one to hypnotize and draw it preys forward, the other to snap its poisonous venom into its easily hoodwinked victims, as is Barak Obama for that matter.
Do we once again go down the path of “fearfully following” or do we rise up above “FEAR itself”? Is anybody not aware of what today is? Independence Day! Or has our slowly grinding down of our Constitution and civil liberties since 9/11 dulled what this country was founded upon, “a democracy if we are willing to fight for it” to misquote slightly Ben Franklin’s statement.
Despite any perceived failing of the Occupy Movement, a debate was thrust at the consciousness of this country and the world. Would we continue to go along with systems of economics and politics that subjugate the sustainability of our planet and the well being of the lives of the 99%? Or would we start the process of moving the direction of our body politic to one that reflected something different, something over which we would have a truly democratic say in.
City College and the situation that has been laid at our doorsteps is but a microcosm of what the Occupy Movement sprayed the disinfectant of sunshine on. We at City College are being given the task of taking our battle and waging it alongside many other battles in a new struggle for meaningful systems of governance that serve not just a few. And FEAR has no place in this WAR.
We pride ourselves on being the birthplace of Democracy. But present history is showing us, through the examples of Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, Spain, Greece, Chile, Hong Kong, South Africa, Iceland, etc., through the confrontations with reality of whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds, Tom Drake, William Binney, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, etc., that unless we have the courage to come forth out of the darkness of safe anonymity, unless we take to the streets and not tremblingly surround the hollowed walls of authoritarian institutions of deception and their self serving apparachiks in petitioning them for rescue, we and the principles upon which this nation was founded will become “quaint and obsolete” and we will only have ourselves to blame.
Can we at least not have another repeat performance of a failed attempt to address the viability of our College by playing by the rules of those who would, behind closed doors, sell us out incontrovertibly for their own personal gain?
Can we try something new? Anyone up for a twenty first century Declaration of Independence by the People?
__Bob of Occupy