By Rebel Fagin

It’s hard to stay focused on climate change due to our dependant, abusive relationship with KONG (coal, oil, nuclear, gas). It’s an abusive relationship and like any other abusive relationship, once we’re free we’ll wonder what took us so long. I’m not counting on God, technology, government, Big Green, or corporations to save us. I’m counting on you and me.
Richard Heinberg accurately predicted the world we live at an Earth Day Festival in 2010 when he said that in the near future we’d elect maniacs who’d promise us cheap available fuels and that Extractors would go after the dirtiest, most dangerous sources of this energy before it runs out altogether.
Capitalist believe in the religion of market fundamentalism. Life gets in the way of their profits. We need to keep global temperatures at a no greater than 2* C (3.6*F) rise to survive. To achieve this we need to keep 80% of the known oil reserves in the ground. This is something Extractors state they won’t do.
Extractors buy politicians who make laws to protect their short-term profits on our long-term planet. NAFTA, WTO and the pending TPP thwart local laws designed to protect where we live. They also use their laws to halt non-corporate alternative development. The WTO has stated that they’ll confront “almost any measure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”
Extractors exercise power through size and strength. Some
“environmental” groups sense this power and want a piece of it. Extractors’ public relations departments understand the value of “going green” to their consumers. Compromises are made. For example, there’s The Nature Conservancy. Once upon a time they helped protect the endangered Texas Prairie Chicken. They were seduced by big money. In 1999 they opened up the Texas City Prairie Preserve for oil drilling. The Nature Conservancy has been in the extraction business for fifteen years now.
Conservation International, Nature Conservancy, Conservation Fund, World Wildlife Foundation, Environmental Defense Fund, and World Resource Institute all take money and influence from the Extractors, Wal Mart, McDonalds, Monsanto, and others. In some cases corporate sponsors sit on the boards of directors of Big Green organizations.
Direct Action groups such as Greenpeace, Earth First!, Friends of the Earth, Sea Shepherds, and others make no compromises when it comes to Mother Earth.
A word about the Sierra Club. From 2007 – 2010 they secretly accepted money from natural gas extractors. Since then they’ve changed leadership and no longer engage in this secret practice.
Big Business likes techno fixes such as tar sands and fracking. Recently they’ve rebranded Chemtrails as geoengineering and sold it as a solution for climate change. Chemtrails differ from normal air-borne condensation; they are fatter and stay in the skies much longer. The corporate geoengineering plan, the Pinatubo Option, is to blanket the skies with sulfates, like sulfuric dioxide, to keep temperatures down. The Extractors prefer this to getting off of fossil fuels. There are some problems: 1) We will never see blue skies again for 2) once you start this process you can never stop or the cumulative power of all that built up carbon will be released at once. 3) Weather can be manipulated. 4) This solution doesn’t address the gasses, just the heat. 5) The increase in acidification of the oceans will result in dead seas.
Big Business can’t save us for they see making money as the only wisdom. True wisdom is rooted in place knowledge. Since Industrialism we’ve abandoned this knowledge as quaint. Economic systems are a mutable sub-system of human activity that can change. Therefore the question becomes what are the desired end results of our economic system? Economics is a choice of resource allocation. What if we had a goal that embraced justice, sustainability, and equality? What would this system look like? Humans are part of nature and subservient to her immutable actions. We are not the God creatures.

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