Pretend to be surprised!

I want to skip right to my favorite part:

“The CIA’s practices also suggest the United States is not doing everything in its power to stamp out the lucrative Afghan drug trade, a major source of revenue for the Taliban, the Times said.”

This is the punch line.  Hilarious, brilliant writing!  Do you mean that offering a steady CIA paycheck to the world’s biggest heroin trafficker might…just maybe… undermine our worldwide “war on drugs?”

I loved the sentence, but lets clarify a misconception that the article perpetuates here.  The Taliban (like many Afghan farmers) does derive revenue from the poppy trade, but by no means are they alone.  As a matter of fact, the CIA itself probably makes significantly more money off of heroin than Mullah Omar does.  After all, this money they are paying Karzai’s brother does not come from any budget that congress voted for.  He is being paid out of the CIA’s secret slush fund.

This is a pattern for the CIA.  In an earlier era they were in partnership with a different set of drug dealers in South America.  These drug dealers were interested in selling cocaine and the CIA needed money to finance its secret wars against the people of South and Central America.   A natural alliance evolved between cocaine cartels and the CIA, since both had similar interests, namely to crush any popular government that considered land reform or nationalization of industries.

One of the more prominent drug dealers in that story was Manuel Noriega, Panama’s military strongman.  Noriega was on CIA payroll from the 1950’s until the mid-80’s.  He was also a cocaine dealer, an ally of Pablo Escobar of the Medellin Cartel.  The CIA needed some extra cash to fund its covert operations against freely elected governments in South America, notably Nicaragua’s Daniel Ortega (who was freely elected again in 2006).  They also needed a base of operations from which to launch raids against the Nicaraguan government and terrorize its people.

Noriega offered the CIA-sponsored “Contra” rebels safe haven in Panama, and in exchange the CIA helped Noriega and his cocaine cartel allies evade detection by the DEA and local police agencies while they were smuggling drugs into the US.  Much of this cocaine was funneled  from Columbia-through Panama-to famed Los Angeles kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross.   Ross is the reputed inventor of rock cocaine and was such a successful retailer of the drug that he was known as the “Walmart of Crack.”  Much of his success can be attributed to the fact that he was getting his product wholesale from CIA asset and rabid “Contra” supporter Danilo Blandon.  All of this blatantly illegal activity was  justified at the time because the CIA was ostensibly fighting “Communism” at that point;  this time around the boogeyman is “Terrorism.”

Oh, Henry, you wacky liberal…this is all just a crazy conspiracy theory…right?  Well Robert Bonner, former head of the DEA, has confirmed all of this in a 60 minutes interview with Mike Wallace in 1993.  Pablo Escobar’s accountant has verified these allegations in congressional testimony (Kerry hearings) in 1986.

Do you see how this works yet?  The CIA was in the cocaine dealing business in the 70’s and 80’s and they are now also clearly involved in the heroin dealing business.  They have found a way to make huge amounts of money to support covert operations around the world without need for congressional or popular support.  They can afford to lie to Speaker Pelosi because they have income she cannot touch…heroin sales.  The CIA has developed its own internal economy based on the drug trade and it is now operating independently of the US government.

Mr. Noriega is still in prison, even though he has actually served his whole sentence already and should have been freed in 2007.  Mr. Ross was finally released from prison just last month. Mr. Karzai should take notice.  If he doesn’t watch out, he will also spend the rest of his life in jail.  The CIA are not the most trustworthy allies, as both Mr. Ross and Mr. Noriega can attest.,9171,1101880222-148712,00.htm

This article dedicated to the memory of Gary Webb, who first exposed the CIA’s involvement in the US “crack epidemic” of the 1980’s. Webb gave his life to bring this truth to light.

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