Yesterday I discussed briefly the concept of “the Separation of Church and State.”  It was over a situation that arose in Fort Oglethorpe, GA, a town about one hundred miles from Atlanta and less than 10 miles from Chattanooga, TN.  The people in Fort Oglethorpe are bringing signs and banners to their high school football games, trying to infuse God and Jesus Christ with their team spirit. They wanted to have a prayer at the start of the game. I would like to explore this problem a bit more. To show how much God and Jesus Christ are a part of life here in the South, let’s examine the water crisis here in Atlanta.  Earlier this year, whenLake Lanier (Atlanta’s main source for drinking water) was way down, what did the governor do?  Did he begin a rationing system?  Did he require all commercial car washes to either recycle their water or shut down?  Did he even repair his own broken water meter? NO, none of these.  He held a prayer meeting to ask God to send rain. Religion is very prominent in the lives of folks here in the South.  They want it in their schools and in their government.  They do not see the danger in that.

The Religon Map

There is, however, another religion that is growing in this country and I would ask these folks, here in the South, how comfortable they would be if the government were infused with a religion other than Christianity?  Shariah is the religious code of Islam.  In Banda Aceh, Shariah was just expanded to include “Death by Stoning” as a punishment for adultery.  The government there just ordered 7,000 skirts, of various sizes, for women to put on when the Shariah police deem that the jeans they are wearing are too tight. Is there a possibility that this could happen in this country?  If we allow the Church and State to be combined, than the answer is yes, it could.  How does one stop this?  Simple, obey the constitution.  Guarantee religious freedom by keeping it out of the Government and out of our schools.