Author Chris Hedges tells readers to reject brand Obama. Based on advertising methods Barrack Obama’s Presidency is designed to make citizens feel good about government while ordinary people’s political enemies in government loot Treasuries, expand war for empire, destroy Constitutional rights and virtually copy Bush Administration policies; fooling citizens into believing they are getting something different from Bush era policies. Americans had tired of the Bush brand and had seen through his phony folksiness after eight brutal years. US Citizens are expected to feel good and act as happy consumers while they are being duped. The United States has descended in to celebrity culture, or junk culture. As an image based culture, elites promote carefully orchestrated spectacles, and manufactured pseudo-drama, scandalous affairs, disasters, acting, sports and politics have become interchangeable. In an era of instant emotional gratification, reality is too complicated and boring for today’s news consumers who are indulged and comforted by clichés, stereotypes and hopeful messages. These reassuring and false messages are easily grasped explanations of reality are more propaganda than anything else, because they simplify rather the complicate. Reality gets in the way of consumer’s desires and doesn’t’ make them feel good. The public can no longer distinguish between what is real and what is false and is left to interpret reality through illusion of orchestrated events created by publicists, political machines, television, Hollywood or advertisers. The junk politics practiced by Obama, is consumer fraud explains Chris Hedges.


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May 4, 2009 by


-Bill Gibbons

 “I’m a Truth Addict, aw shit, I got a head rush!” –Rage Against the Machine