Carl O. Franzoni Davis, along with his friend Veto Paulekas started the movement of ‘freaks’, what became to be known by the corporate media as ‘hippies’.  Szou, Veto’s wife, made the clothes that became the icon of the ‘freak’ movement and led to the hippie attire familiar to many.  All of this began in the late 50’s and early sixties and is an oral history that has not been told in depth.

It is popular now to see books on Laurel Canyon, the Byrds, Neil Young, and the LA music scene from the early or mid sixties.  But few know that Veto and Carl were instrumental in launching what became a world wide movement of young people seeking to create another life.  They were the original ‘freaks’ and their association with Frank Zappa launched Zappa, not to mention David Crosby and the Byrds, into imortality.

This series of videos contain nine oral histories, each one hour, with Carl Franzoni Davis now close to 80 years old.  In these videos one can hear the tremendous stories that are associated with Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood during a time of both turbulence and hope.  From the old Houdini home to Tom Mix’s old home in Laurel Canyon viewers can hear how this movement began, where it proceeded and how it ended.  Also contained within are stories about the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood, the group ‘Love’, ‘The Fraternity of Man’ who wrote “Don’t Bogart that joint, my friend”, and much more.

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Few know that the Rolling Stones copied Carl’s long tongue for their logo.  Carl was never compensated.  David Crosby copied Carl’s use of the ‘cape’ as attire, but few know this.  In fact, much of what is now in the popular culture regarding the sixties was the result of both Carl and Veto and Szou (who was not the original Susie Creamcheese).

Viewers can learn about Cantor’s Deli on Fairfax and how Carl helped convert it to an after hours ‘dig’ for the Sunset Boulevard crowd in the early sixties.  It is still a stronghold for the after hours clubbies who can be found there through the wee hours of the morning encased in booths.  Viewers can also become acquainted with many of the charachters that dominated the scene during this time such as Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction), Beetle Bob, General Wastemoreland and many, many more.

Carl reveals far more about the ‘daze’ in Hollywood that many books and videos have tried to do.  ‘Mondo Hollywood’, the movie made about these early ‘daze’ in Hollywood and banned in France, is discussed as well as the movie, “You are what you Eat” directed by Barry Feinstein the manager of Peter, Paul and Mary, and produced by Barry Feinsten, Michael butler and Peter Yarrow (

Free Store, Veto and Carl’s theatre group in Cotati, are also highlighted as well as the Carl’s personal history from the early depression in 1933 up and until the present.

These videos are within the public domain so feel free to use any portions for furthering the magnificent history of a time that will not return.  Many have likened this time in history to the Romantic Age of the early 1800’s.

As a resident of Laurel Canyon during the mid sixties and one who worked with both Veto, Carl and members of Free Store in the mid 1970’s through the early 1980’s I am proud to offer this to viewers, as is Carl.

One can read more about the ‘Freaks’ and Carl, Veto, Susie Creamcheese and Zappa at:!

Zappa’s song: ‘Hungry Freak Daddies’ was written for and devoted to Carl Franzoni Davis.

Below are the words to the music devoted to Carl:

Mister America Walk on by Your schools that do not teach Mister America Walk on by The minds that won’t be reached Mister America Try to hide The emptiness that’s you inside When once you find that the way you lied And all the corny tricks you tried Will not forestall the rising tide of Hungry freaks, Daddy . . .
They won’t go For no more Great mid-western hardware store Philosophy that turns away From those who aren’t afraid to say What’s on their minds (The left-behinds of the Great Society)

[ Lyrics from: ]

Hungry freaks, Daddy . . .
Mister America Walk on by Your supermarket dream Mister America Walk on by The liquor store supreme Mister America Try to hide The product of your savage pride The useful minds that it denied The day you shrugged and stepped aside You saw their clothes and then you cried: THOSE HUNGRY FREAKS, DADDY!
They won’t go For no more Great mid-western hardware store Philosophy that turns away From those who aren’t afraid to say What’s on their minds (The left-behinds of the Great Society)

Thanks, Frank and thanks to Carl who without his help, Zappa could never have made the scene.