Canada registered with the SEC as a corporation


The U.S. Security and Exchange Commission has the country of Canada registered as a corporation (

Why, you might ask, would the country of Canada be registered with the SEC?  The answer lies with the fact that the world is now being divided into ‘free enterprise zones’ or ‘multinational corporate region, which of course means the loss of sovereignty for many governments, including in this case, Canada.  Europe is just one prime example of insidious ruling elites and their bankster friends’ plans for one world government.  The enhanced suffering and attack on working people is simply the criminal cost of doing business.

All alleged governments are now corporations, either listed with the SEC or Dunn and Bradstreet.  This is the world financial capitalist plan:  ‘los nuevo conquistadores’ hovering on the precipice of collapse and seeking crisis’ which reek of opportunity for the financial capitalists as countries merely disappear into the murky vortex of ominous corporate control.  Will the countries in question trade on the German/US New York Stock Exchange?

Canada is planned to be part of the North American enterprise block, which will extend from Canada to Mexico and perhaps beyond into Central America, with the blessing of the sinister Harper government-corporation and the never ending work of the nefarious CIA shadow government that controls the United States and their coin-operated politicians.  See The CIA website: for more.

All of this is nothing new, as one can see by going to:

Alas, this is why the murder-by-cancer of Hugo Chavez, former president of Venezuela, was an unconditional necessity and why America, or the US of CIA, is working arduously to re-gain control of what was once ‘its coveted backyard’, Latin America — by any means necessary.

The battle for corporate domination will not be a simple undertaking, for the people of Latin America are saddled up and ready for the US lynch posse and their formidable financial thugs.  Taking back Latin America will prove to be an unachievable task, even for the murderous CIA.



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