Drone attacks


John Reimann


From suicide car bombs in Basra to the Boston Marathon, it seems that acts of wanton murder are increasingly common.


The response of the Wall St. Journal editors said it all. On the day after the Boston Marathon bombing, they wrote: “The scenes on Boylston Street Monday - an explosion, then screams and confusion, followed by another blast and more carnage, all captured on camera — were horrifying. And all too familiar…. Another open Western city has suffered the modern scourge on innocent civilians.”


Yes, anybody with an ounce of normal human compassion would be horrified at the human suffering that occurred in Boston on that day. Just as they would at any similar scenes. But in the non Western cities, the Wall St. Journal shows no similar concerns.


Mass Murder in Pakistan

“It was Ramadan, we were about to break our fast with the children. We took a bite said our prayers. The children had just started eating when the missile struck. My two sons and I were outside, but everyone inside was killed.” This is how a Pakistani father describes what happened when a US drone struck his home. The Wall St. Journal, US President Obama, and Corporate America show no similar concern for that human suffering. In fact, they are the unrepentant perpetrators.


In the US, these perpetrators will be encouraging a state of constant fear and distrust of one individual against another. In parts of Pakistan and other countries such as Yemen, the fear already exists. There, in some places drones hover overhead 24/7. Nobody knows when or where the tell-tale hiss of an incoming missile will mark the last few seconds of somebody’s life - man, woman or child. The scenes from there, the Wall St. Journal doesn’t find “horrifying”.


Surveillance State

In the US, the perpetrators will be using this latest act of terrorism to increase the surveillance state and repression in general. In Yemen, Pakistan and other regions of the world, they have instituted such surveillance already… and are using it for more terrorist attacks from the skies.


“Muslim Terrorists”

While admitting that there are no clues as to who carried out the Boston Marathon bombing, the Wall St. Journal editors nevertheless invoke the images of Muslim terrorists such as Faisal Shazad, who was convicted of trying to set off a bomb in Times Square in 2010. They don’t bother to invoke the image of Timothy McVeigh and the bomb he set off in Oklahoma City that killed 168 people.


Sociopathic Personality Disorder

The dictionary defines sociopathic personality disorder as “a personality disorder characterized by amorality and lack of affect; capable of violent acts without guilt feelings.” This is a description of those who are responsible for such wanton acts of murder as the Boston Marathon bombing, the Newtown school massacre, or a car bombing in Iraq. But doesn’t it also describe those who are responsible for the drone attacks? In fact, let’s take it one step further:


How about the destruction of entire families and entire communities from the ravages of capitalism itself?


According to the recently deceased Margaret Thatcher, “there is no society”. That is the view of capitalism. We should not care about anybody but ourselves and our profits. When you have a society run on the principles of the sociopathic personality, then there will always be individuals who take it to the extreme.


The problem is not that individuals, or even entire groups are sociopaths. The problem is that capitalism is a sociopathic personality disorder.