Is Proposition 1 really “DTP neutral” and what connection does that all have with frackin?

By Bryan Maddan

Governor Brown spoke last week lobbying for Proposition 1 at Stanford University on October 23rd, at a conference organized by the Stanford Wood’s Institute, whose co-director is Stanford Hoover Institute member Barton Thompson. The Stanford Hoover Institute and Bechtel (the multi-billion dollar construction company), through the funding of studies taught at Stanford, appear to be promoting the DTP and its probable use as a source of water for fracking in the possible 15 Billion barrel Monterey Shale Formation spread across central and southern California.

The DTP is being promoted by a study called, “Managing California’s Water”, co-written by Hoover Institute member Barton Thompson.  The study is being taught at Stanford (a 501c3 Non-profit) with co-funding coming from the Steven Bechtel Jr. foundation (a 501c3 Non-profit).  The Stanford Woods Institute is funding another Stanford study supporting fracking, “Water and Energy Nexus”.  Lauren Dachs, the President and Board member of S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation is also on the Stanford Woods Institute’s leadership (Advisory council) as well as formerly on the board of trustees at Stanford.

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