All over the country masses of working people are fighting to save public education from the grips of the privatizers.  The educational agenda for the right wing and their economic masters is ‘school vouchers’ and this movement will and is gaining momentum as more and more ‘online schools’ run for profit proliferate the educational landscape and as more and more cities and localities are asked to bail-out the banksters on Wall Street through austerity measures meant to socialize the pain wrought by a system of private profit.

Disaster capitalism now seeks to wield a wrecking ball towards any and all things public and nowhere can this be seen than in the controversy over public education.  Both political parties seek to corporatize all of education in the service of Wall Street and the capitalist system and are using charter schools as their opening salvo.

According to the online zine, Voxunion ( The Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle in Baltimore, MD. convened their second Freedom Forum on the topic of whether or not public education could be saved.  Panelists covered many issues of concern raised by members of the community regarding the quality, form and nature of education in Baltimore.  Can public schools be saved? Should they be? Who is to blame and what can be done? These and many other related topics were discussed in what was a powerful and at times hotly contested forum.  Panelists included Dayvon Love of The Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Shaquille Carbon a Baltimore City schools student and member of the Algebra Project, Jay Gillen also of the Algebra Project, Delegate Jill Carter and Gamba O. Fatiu of the Pan-African Liberation Organization.