Conspiracy Theory II

Listen to this post HERE. According to political scientist Michael Barkun, conspiracy theory was once a general definition for any conjoint operation of persons, whether it was civil, criminal, or political (Barkun, p. 7). But particularly after the events in the United States on September 11, 2001, the term has become a derisive one for […]

Conspiracy Theory

By Robert P. Abele Listen to this post HERE. The term “conspiracy theory” has become a derisive term for those who believe that some secretive group is responsible for a tragic event. The result of painting people with such a broad brush has been that media elites, both local and national, dismiss such groups before […]

“Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”

by Robert P. Abele These immortal words of boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer will arguably be apropos to the situation in which the United States finds itself today. With unemployment high and wage reduction continuing, with cuts to social spending and education ongoing, with the looting of the U.S. Treasury of the taxpayers by the […]

Welcome Amy Goodman. Now, Let’s Speak Some Truth to Left-wing Power

The title of this essay may seem a bit presumptuous. After all, since when did the left-wing come to any “power” in American society? In fact, they have not ascended to any level of power, except in regard to their own internal left-wing communities. That is the intended examination here: to see how some of […]

Why Do We Celebrate Veteran’s Day?

Reflective citizens need to ask what the celebration of Veterans Day is really about. If we are no longer celebrating the cause of peace, and instead are celebrating the military, what exactly are we celebrating?

Preparing for the Next Deception

The news from Obama’s speech at the U.N. this morning (September 25, 2009) was accusatory and grim: Iran is hiding a nuclear processing plant from the international community, to which the U.S. would not hesitate to respond militarily. And so the drumbeat to war begins anew.

The Extraterrestrial Terran Observer

Imagine a UFO or another planet observing us with their extra high-tech audio and visual telescopes and other such devices (in other words, imagine they are our own U.S. government, only with slightly more powerful eavesdropping devices). If they compared our actions to our stated values and principles, they would no doubt be alarmed as well, and would almost certainly be loath to meet us.

Adopting the A Priori Ethics of the Founders

In my last posting on The Daily Censored, I argued that it was not only possible but necessary to engage in a larger, conceptual ethical analysis of the breakdown of America we are seeing today. This argument finds good company in the ethical pronouncements of the Founders themselves, who tended to be much more rationalist than empiricist in their moral pronouncements that lie at the foundation of our democracy.

Analysis of the Breakdown Must Go Deeper than Capitalism

Many, if not most liberal commentators are sharply critical of capitalism these days, for obvious reasons. But one must be a bit nuanced in this critique. It is very easy, but very simplistic, to point to capitalism per se as the single or even primary cause of the downfall of America we are beginning to live through.

The Collapse of the Republic

Philosophers have known for quite some time that when a political philosophy is inadequate, it will show itself conceptually inadequate first, and then ultimately collapse its concrete instantiation. We saw this in Leninist Russia in 1989, and we are now seeing it here in America. The point of this reflection is to underscore the failed philosophy that is now resulting in the failing of the American republic.