USA and NATO Are Terrorists? The Story of Raymond Davis

Was Raymond Davis organizing terrorist activities in Pakistan for the United States government? If so then this begs the question are the US government and NATO behind other terrorist acts we hear about in the press? Dave Lindorff reports in ‘Counter Punch’ that American Raymond Davis was a CIA employee and mercenary who shot two […]

US Media Losing Hegemony to Competing Sources Around The World

US news media is too sensational, inaccurate, and incomplete — more interested in entertainment and commentary than being concerned with facts, thereby losing the information war, says Journalism Professor. Authorities may be worried that the United States can no longer maintain a near monopoly on world news coverage. Other foreign media like Al Jazeera, China’s […]

Canada Harper Tries to Abolish Anti-lying Laws But Fox Style News Kept Out Despite Attempts

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., tells readers that there has been an attempt by Canada’s right-wing Prime Minister Steven Harper to repeal a law that forbids lying on radio or television news. Canadian law requires that broadcasters may not air false or misleading news. When Harper went on the attack to foist notoriously dishonest and partisan […]

Cairo, It’s Not a Revolution—Yet

There is much to shout about which is wonderful in the uprisings throughout North Africa and the Middle East. We should be joyful! The world is rumbling and shaking against oppressive rule; people’s misery has caused them to take to the streets. The masses of people are no longer passive. The vampire rulers in Washington […]

Vicious Wave of Attacks Against Women’s Fundamental Right to Abortion

It’s like a nightmare in a Fascist country. The Republican dominated House in South Dakota is attempting to pass a bill (House Bill 1171) that would expand “Justifiable homicide” to include murders of people that are intended to stop harm to a fetus. This could make it legal in South Dakota to kill doctors who […]

Misogyny and the 2011 Super Bowl !

What kind of society do we live in, when under age prostitutes can be exploited on a gigantic scale at the nation’s most celebrated sporting event? And this happens year after year? Last season’s super bowl featured commercials whose themes included the disrespect of women, even to the point of violence against women. In quarterback […]

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners

A New Low For California, Dehumanization of Prisoners-Forced to Wear Diapers and Not Letting Inmates Change for Extended Periods of Time The author of  “Buried Alive: Long Term Isolation in California’s Youth and Adult Prisons” Laura Magnani reports “a new low in dehumanization” in which prison authorities have cut off the water in some prisoner’s toilets […]

Violent Gun Rhetoric Criticized in Wake of Assassination Attempt on Congresswoman Giffords

Gabrielle Giffords, a Democratic Congresswoman from Arizona, was shot in the back of the head by a 22 year old man named Lee Loughner. Six other people were also shot dead and eighteen others were injured. Representative Giffords is in critical condition, lying in a Tucson hospital. Former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin published a controversial […]

Are Authorities Poisoning North America With Narcotics?

A question I sometimes ask myself is, “where are all the illegal narcotics flooding neighborhoods coming from?” A 1994 book reveals government and police involvement in drug running in the 1980s and 1990s. Since, to my knowledge, the volume of drugs flooding the United States has not diminished; another question arises, “are US authorities running […]

Is Democracy the Opposite of Capitalism?

The roots and rise of modern democracy are inextricably linked with Capitalism. Nothing appears in human society outside of history, or context, or economic foundation. Democracy doesn’t fall from the sky or exist above class politics. Bob Avakian in his book: ‘Democracy: Can’t We Do Better Than That?’ writes: “It is conventional wisdom in countries […]