“We heard scary stories about how the immigration authorities were working hard to deport people. One day we heard that if you refused to go back to your country, they sometimes sent your parents separately – or even took you to social welfare homes.

I felt so scared. I imagined my mum being thrown into the plane, alone. I could not sleep and I didn’t have the courage to tell my mother. But one day, I told her what some staff were telling us. She was very angry and told me that if anyone started on this again, we should tell them that they didn’t have the right to terrorise our weak and bruised minds.

I stopped going to class. I felt I was learning nothing. I was having sleepless nights. I was also watching violent films, which the centre put on. My mum tried to make me sleep, but I couldn’t (http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2010/may/26/immigration).

All over the former Great Western societies that are experiencing deterioration and decline, brutality, incarceration, exploitation, oppression and sadism runs roughshod over the cultural landscape.

Please sign the petition to stop these practices especially agaisnt the LGBT community in the UK and learn more about the Movement for Justice at:

This petition has been launched by Movement for Justice working with the 3 women who are currently detained in Yarls Wood detention centre.  Aderonke, Alice & Freda have been organising from inside Yarlswood to get signatures on their petition from other detainees and make their fight known in the press and public eye.
Homophobic abuse is more common than most people think. 1 in 3 LGBT people have experienced some kind of homophobic attack. Help to stamp out homophobia now!

Please help us to get justice – we face deportation orders from the UKBA back to our different and various Homophobic African countries namely Nigeria, Cameroon and Uganda where Homosexuality is criminalised and widely frowned at by the society.
The UKBA is subjecting us to mental and emotional torture. It refuses to accept that we are lesbians, despite all the bundles of evidences we have provided, but it is fully aware that we are being abused just because we are lesbians by some of the detainees in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre who come from our own countries. That will make us more vulnerable to persecution if we are deported.

The UKBA is cynically exposing us to this abuse, which includes repeated verbal insults and serial humiliation that has become physically threatening.

The UKBA allows a pastor to operate in Yarl’s Wood who constantly uses derogatory words and prayers against LGBT people. The UKBA is responsible for allowing this pastor (Pastor Fatima) to whip up homophobia in Yarl’s Wood, and it knows that this is just the tip of the iceberg of the tortures we will be exposed to if we are deported from Britain. These include risks such as community violence, rape, extortion and other forms of sexual assault particularly if imprisoned if following been forcefully returned to these hostile Homophobic environments.

We are particularly at danger of being killed by members of the society as we will not be able to get protection from the governments of our individual country who already criminalise Homosexuality – our sexual orientation.
Please sign our petition and help us spread the word…
Aderonke Apata Alice Nji Freda Nsumba