“Corporate media” are six corporations that “cover” OBVIOUS crimes centering in war and money by a 1% US oligarchy. They lie by commission and omission (full explanation and documentation here, here, here), with propaganda techniques obvious upon inspection.

These crimes are only possible through lies and propaganda.

The 99% reject such psychopathic viciousness when educated, and will demand arrests of lying sacks of spin media “leaders” complicit in annually war-murdering millions, harming billions, and looting trillions.

When the US prosecuted Nazis for violating the Kellogg-Briand Treaty by Wars of Aggression, we also prosecuted the Nazi’s chief media propagandist, and hanged him.

Media liars today have a choice: embrace “Scrooge Conversions” now, or face the consequences as OBVIOUS criminal accomplices.

Want Truth from media, or ongoing stupefying and distracting lies?

For Truth, you’ll need to think, speak, and act for arrests of the 1% OBVIOUS criminals, or YOU WILL NEVER HAVE ANYTHING BUT MORE LIES, DEBT, AND DEATH.

US economic history and US war history show you this.