Aren’t you tired of bending over?  I know I am.  The too big to fail banks perpetrated a giant real estate scheme. Loaning $$$ to people they knew would never be able to pay them back.  Then they secretly bet against those borrowers by insuring their loans with other banks.  When the house flipping frenzy finally collapsed, they were bailed out, as it were, by us, middle-class taxpayers.  They were also collecting the rewards of the insurance bets that the loans would fail.

What was the first thing those too big to fail banks did with their bailout $$$?  The banks through a gigantic party, costing hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars.   What was the second thing they did with our hard-earned taxpayer dollars?  They paid themselves $1.6 billion dollars in bonuses for such stellar performance in pulling off the greatest taxpayer fraud in the history of this country.  The most ironic thing about it is that the bailout money came with “NO STRINGS,” so that what the big banks did was not against the law, it was just poor taste.  OK, so that’s one.

Here’s another.  The war in Iraq and Afghanistan are farces.  The war in Iraq was started under false pretenses.  The war in Afghanistan, well, it is just wrong period.  We are trying to build a nation over there when our nation is collapsing under all the borrowing to pay for it.  Most of the billions we are giving in foreign aid, to bribe support for our efforts, is going straight to our so-called enemies.  Meanwhile OUR nation’s cities, counties, states, educational system, health care system, political system, and anything else you can think of are on the verge of collapse.  AND STILL, we finance these farcical wars.  That’s two.

And the soldiers who are fighting those wars, what about them?  First we discovered the VA was grossly under funded to care for the casualties of the war.  Bush simply forgot about them.  Even after they VA was funded, they still made it hard for the Vets to collect.  Then the military had to be forced to recognize that the soldiers were suffering from PTSD and traumatic brain injuries, even though they “looked OK.”  So, funding was increased for those ailments and the military solution was to warehouse the suffering soldiers by drugging them and stacking them up like cordwood.  Oh yeah, and before they could be grossly mistreated they had to remember, after their brains were scrambled, when and where their injury actually occurred.  Finally, that was fixed.

The suicide rate in the military is higher than any suicide rate anywhere, ever.  It is so high that there are more soldiers committing suicide than have been killed by the enemy

So, what is going on with the soldiers that the enemy actually kills?  The insurance company, that is carrying the soldier’s death benefits, is NOT paying out.  In stead, they are bouncing the beneficiary’s checks while they have the funds in another account collecting interest for them—not the beneficiary.

“As time went on, she said, she tried to use one of the checks to buy a bed, and the salesman rejected it. That happened again this year, she said, when she went to buy a camera.

Ms. Lohman, a public health nurse, said she had always believed that her son’s life insurance money was in a bank insured by the F.D.I.C. That money — like $28 billion in one million death-benefit accounts managed by insurers — was not actually sitting in a bank.

It was being held in Prudential’s general corporate account, earning investment income. Prudential paid survivors like Ms. Lohman 1 percent interest in 2008 on their Alliance Accounts, while it earned a 4.8 percent return on its corporate funds, according to regulatory filings.”

So, is that number five or six.  I have lost count.  Add to this the BP fiasco, the fact that the public option was killed and that Elizabeth Warren will not get to head the agency she developed, which was the ONLY good thing to come out of the Finance Regulation Bill.  I am just tired of bending over.  Fraq them, it is time.