Today’s 99% is having our “emperor has no clothes” recognition of the 1%’s crimes that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions. Occupy’s victory applies an historical “Occupy” accomplishment: The Enlightenment.

Through meetings, conversations, and writing, the Enlightenment exposed dictatorial “Divine Right” of kings and “priests” as exactly what their policies demonstrated: vicious oligarchies that transferred the 99%’s work and wealth to the 1%’s wars and palaces (three tons of gold in the ceiling of this church alone).

Then, as now:

  • the 1% rapaciously loot in tragic-comic ontology of never having enough.
  • the 1% psychopathically lie that their “leadership” is with “Christ-like” love and the public good.
  • the 1% lovelessly concentrate power to themselves in vicious antagonism and constant warfare.

The Enlightenment established the professional practice of objective and independently verifiable facts over dictatorial decree. It’s shortcoming was failure of the 99% to practice factual command in citizenry. In the US, the Enlightenment ideals in our Revolution for unalienable rights devolved into typical government domination masked as “for the people.”

All of us understand, appreciate, and apply facts in our areas of competence. We learned in school that factual mastery is the intelligent, responsible, and right thing to do. We even understand history whereby vicious 1% oligarchies used propaganda to exploit the 99%’s good faith trust and relative weakness to discern fact from spin.

The facts prove today’s 1%’s crimes. The 99%’s command of the facts, with our voices to demand arrests (including the 1%’s corporate media propaganda), opens an unprecedented age of cooperation and accomplishment for all Earth’s inhabitants.

It’s time for the 99% of today to apply factual command in citizenry.

It’s time for the 99% to demand arrests of 1%’s obvious criminals.

It’s time for the 99% to create policies for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants.

All facts prove US War Crimes, there is no refutation, so where are the arrests?

War Criminal Obama again threatens war with Iran: who will arrest him?

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