This is from Rozy who has been fighting the Los Angeles United School District for a long time.

This week the Ca. Workers’ Comp Ethics Advisory Board will meet to decide the fate of mine and other Injured Workers Complaints against Ca. Workers’ Comp Administrative Law Judges that have abused their powers.
All Workers’ Comp Administrative Law Judges are required by Law that they must follow Ca. Judicial Ethics. Cases are to be tried in a fair, just and impartial manner. Not in my Workers’ Comp Trial in WCAB Judge Jerold Cohn’s Courtroom as the documented evidence clearly shows.
Why did Judge Jerold Cohn Target me and Deny me a fair, just and impartial Workers’ Comp Trial as the Law requires?
Did LAUSD/Sedgwick CMS judge shop to get Judge Jerold Cohn to hear my case. And knowing full well that Judge Cohn having all the substantiated evidence, medical reports, hearing all the testimony and taking notes that Judge Cohn would disregard all the documented evidence. And make up his own unsubstantiated facts just to purposely Lower my Rating and Deny my Benefits.
What happened to a fair, just and impartial trial?
Why was WCAB Judge Jerold Cohn allowed to:

make a medical diagnosis-not a doctor. Practice medicine without a license? He refused to follow the 4/1/2011 Decision of the Workers’ Comp Appeals Board and send Dr. Silverman’s Medical Reports to Dr. John Stalberg. Instead, Judge Cohn made up his own medical diagnosis which Lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits. He Changed all the facts/testimony, added his own facts, used Inadmissible Evidence and changed all those facts. Judge Cohn did a character assassination on me page after page and line after line in his Findings, Opinions and Decisions.
Judge Cohn partnered with Dr. John Stalberg of Santa Monica in Lowering my Rating and Denying my Benefits. Dr. Stalberg changed All the facts and adopted Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. He admitted under Oath he hadn’t seen me for years and didn’t want too. He didn’t have all the records or the evidence for Judge Cohn’s medical diagnosis. He didn’t care. But, wrote a Medical Report for $16,770-$700 a page.
Do I have to die and lose everything because my Trial Judge Jerold Cohn lied in all his Opinions, Findings and Decisions? My Benefits have been Denied. My health is deteriorating. My home is in foreclosure. I can’t pay my bills. My credit is ruined. And at times I haven’t had money for food. Criminal Fraud and Corruption.
Will the Ca. Workers’ Comp Ethics Advisory Committee finally do the right thing?And find that Judge Jerold Cohn exceeded his powers based on the documented substantiated evidence. Will justice finally come to my case? Will my case finally be reconsidered in a fair, just and impartial manner? Is Workers’ Comp so Corrupt  that WCAB Judge Jerold Cohn will get away with lying in all his Opinions and Findings and Decisions which lowered my Rating and Denied my Benefits?
This is America and  Judge Jerold Cohn exceeded his powers. He should be fired, prosecuted and denied his pension. Workers’ Comp Judges are required to try a case in a fair, just and impartial manner. Not Judge Jerold Cohn in my Workers; Comp Case. It’s Time to Clean up the Corrupt Ca. Workers’ Comp System.
Did anyone else have problems with Van Nuys WCAB Judge Jerold Cohn or any other Workers Comp judges, doctors or lawyers? Please Contact Me.
Injured Workers-All Workers-We are Taxpayers-Not Criminal-We Must Unite.
Stop Workers’ Comp Corruption-UNITED WE CAN WIN!
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