As a person who is over 65 and at some risk due to a health condition, I was initially angry when I was told that kids and pregnant women were given priority.  I said to my self, “Is this is the best we can do when we know something is coming?”

I read a letter in the N Y Times this a.m. severely criticizing the Obama Administration.  There is also an article on the front page claiming that this is a test for the preparedness of the Obama Administration.  Before I ever got to that editorial page letter I said, “Whoa!”

The country was initially told by the pharmaceutical industry that 120 million doses would be available.  However, they have only produced 23 million doses.  Ask yourself, “Who stands to lose if Obama passes his healthcare reform?”  Obviously Big Pharma is one of those entities.  Ask yourself, “Who is spending billions to defeat Obama’s healthcare reform?”  Again Big Pharma comes to mind.  By forfeiting the small profit they would receive from releasing the doses in this country, Big Pharma could destroy Obama’s credibility.  Criticism is due, but let’s make sure it is directed at the entity causing the problem.  With less than twenty-five percent of the promised vaccine, Obama is doing the best he can.

You want to get even?  Tell your congressional reps to pass the government option today.  Call, write and fax your senators, representatives, and governors this very day.  Are you angry enough?  Just do it.