I have received repeated letters asking me to contribute to beat the Republicans/Tea Party/Koch Brothers/Corporate America, all of whom are richer than God and certainly richer than I and everyone I know collectively.  And, I know a few, very comfortable people.  While I am not a fan of pissing into the wind, that is NOT why I am not contributing now.

I admit, I was not real excited about voting for you, but I did.  I was afraid you would do exactly what you have done, nearly nothing.  Yes, I know that you overturned “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell,” but the overturn date is so open ended it may never come.   I know that you told everyone that you would not defend DOMA.  It is smart that you make the Republicans defend it.  It is smart also because it is indefensible.  But, that is not the same as ending it or proclaiming that it does not apply to employees of the Federal Government, or otherwise getting rid of it.

Yes I know, you passed a health care bill, but it is a far cry from the single payer plan this country needs.  You also passed a half-assed stimulus package that almost did the job.  I do not know who was advising you.  I know that you surrounded yourself with a bunch of Republicans that got us into this mess we are still in.  Why you did not avail yourself of “Nobel prize in Economics” winning Paul Krugman’s advice or heed it afterward, I will never know.  You had a real chance.

I also tried many times to suggest a plan very similar to FDIC’s MS Bair’s plan for controlling foreclosures, which are still taking place big time.  The banks gave each other the profits of the Real Estate bubble. Then they  partied with the money we gave them to fix the problem.  They gave it to each other in gifts and bonuses.   The only crook who went to jail is some joker (Madoff) who had a giant ponzi scheme.  And, Madoff isn’t even doing hard time.  He is at a country club.

Speaking of crime, the people who “disappeared” citizens and tortured them are still walking around as are the government officials who told them to do it.  Moreover, it is still not illegal to do so.  Guantanamo is also still open.

In the “also“ column are the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan—which we are still no closer to winning than when we started.  And, now we have a third, nebulous war in which we are involved.  Not only have we not brought our troops home as you promised, you have over committed us again.  The Republicans are trying to take away Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and slash federal aid to education, while throwing us to the Health Insurance Wolves.

The problem is that I do not believe you are able to stop them, even if you were interested in doing so.  You certainly have not shown me that you are much different from the GOP.  You are just more polite about screwing us.  Show me how you intend to stand up for the middle and lower classes, immigrants, legal and otherwise, gay and straight, and I will consider standing up for you.