In spite of record storms, flooding, fires, and, of course, the record number of devastating tornadoes across the south, it is good that you are comfortable in your belief that there is no such thing as global warming or that man has contributed significantly to it.  One of the things that speaks to the contribution of man is the isotope of carbon used in dating.  The CO2 in the atmosphere has a lot of it, an indication that its origin is from the burning of coal that has been buried for thousands of years.  But it is good, for you, that you can ignore it.

I on the other hand cannot.  That is why I try to do whatever I can to reduce my carbon foot print.  I do not think that my efforts are all that significant in the grand scheme, anymore than I think one individual’s behavior caused any of the recent devastation in Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Alabama, etc.  On the other hand, I know that, in total, efforts by me and others like me will go a long way to try to reduce future damage.

I, personally feel that we should all try to do our part.  In not doing anything when even small changes could make a difference, I find an arrogance and selfishness that I cannot understand.  The necessary indifference to human suffering that accompanies that arrogance troubles me greatly.

People in Washington profess to wanting to reduce unemployment and reduce the deficit but they give away huge revenues to corporations and people who have little need of it.   They gut programs that condemn millions of people, from of infants to seniors, to sickness, pain, starvation, poverty, and homelessness.  This deeply saddens me.  You suggested that I am espousing terrorist ramblings.  I, on the other hand, find things like the Ryan budget to be terrorism and more destructive than the tragedies of 9/11  by an order of magnitude that has never before been seen in this country.  And, what saddens me almost as much is that you seem to align yourself with those people.

One hundred and fifty years ago families, friends, indeed the country was torn apart by the egregious abomination of slavery.  Today we are experiencing an equally egregious moment but instead of black and white it is the savaging of middle and lower classes by a very small elite.  I hope our friendship can survive it.