Police arresting students at the University of Maryland during the Viet Nam era

We demonstrated.  We marched.  We were filmed by the FBI.  Our phones were tapped.  We didn’t care.  We were passionate.  Today all you kids do is blog and tweet.  We got arrested.  Hell, some of us were even shot and killed (Kent State).  I don’t even hear you whine.  You have a dog in this fight and you don’t even seem to be watching.  I think this Project Censored is great.  The people in this country need to know what isn’t being told.  However, if it is taking the place of actual action to stop it then it is a failure.  How do we stir you kids to act?

Granted, we had the draft.  We were personally threatened by the war in Viet Nam.  The threat against you guys is a little more veiled but no less vile.  Your economic security, your civil rights, your health, even life itself is at stake.  Your country is being taken over by selfish people who do NOT have your best interests at heart and I do not hear a word of protest.  Obama has made some wrong decisions.  YES he has.  But where were you when someone should have been telling him he was wrong?  I admit it.   All I did was write about it and make phone calls.   I did go out and demonstrate once for health care.  It was pitiful. Only about 10 people showed up.  But, I am 67.  You guys are young.  You have the energy.  You have the time.  Where were you?

Tea-Baggers are uniting across the country to bring your government down.  You need to use the power of the Net to unite campuses across the country.  Nearly every large community has a college or Junior college.  You need to form a network and you need to get active.  You need to bring about change.  We had some young professors and some intelligent students and we made a difference.  You can too.  You better, the time to act is now.