“Amuck,” a place to which we have truly run.   A first grader got arrested and put in Juvie because his mom sent along a dinner knife with his birthday cake so the teacher could cut pieces of it for his classmates.  Now the little guy is suffering PTSD for the nights he spent there.  Adolescents across the country are being arrested on child pornography charges for “sexting” provocative pictures of themselves to their friend’s cell phones or posting them on their Facebook page.

Or, how about this one?  “IMAGINE that for $33 a month you could buy Internet service twice as fast as what you get from Verizon or Comcast, bundled with digital high-definition television, unlimited long distance and international calling to 70 countries and wireless Internet connectivity for your laptop or smartphone throughout much of the country.”

Just when you thought healthcare was bad.  I am paying $130/mo just for a lousy, slow 5 gb max internet access and 900 anytime minutes on my cell phone.  Forget international calling.  AND, that is the best I can get in the Florida Panhandle, where I am building a house.  Did I forget to mention that the $33 bargain is what you would pay if you lived in France or almost anywhere else in the civilized world?

Don’t look for that coming to this country anytime soon.  Do you really think Verizon is going to give up their stranglehold anytime soon?  Maybe Google will save our day with their new phone if they can get the advertising rates the way they would like.  As for North Florida, there is the even bigger problem that the infrastructure simply doesn’t exist.

Because of the Republicans, posing as “Blue Dog Democrats,” the real Democrats can barely get a health care bill through congress.

AND, TALK ABOUT CENSORED, If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it…

“Thousands gathered near the White House to spread their anti-war message.  Organizers said ten thousand people marched through downtown Washington, DC to demand an end to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

“He is the same as presidents before him, spending our tax dollars on endless wars in the name of national security while people are anything but secure,” said Chevy Evangelista, a spokesman of New York-based Filipino American protesters.

“‘Arrest that war criminal!’ Sheehan shouted outside the White House before her arrest, referring to Obama.”

This last was from the on-line version of the N Y Times.  It was filed at 9:10 p.m. but not soon enough to get a single word in the Sunday printed edition, even though the protest occurred all day yesterday.

I give up.