Please join us for a very important show regarding the plight of America’s political prisoners that continue to languish behind US federal prison bars. Year after year, this US government continues to feel the need to lecture other countries about human rights and their political prisoners yet the US warehouses more political prisoners than most other countries, and most of them are people of color. Many of these political prisoners remain behind bars, often in solitude, for having the

We will also be joined by Claude Marks who is the director of Freedom Archives. He will be discussing their most recent film entitled COINTELPRO 101. This detailed documentary chronicles that wrath of the FBI’s Counter-Intelligence Program which terrorized numerous political activists, community leaders, as well as civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King. COINTELPRO also assassinated many of those same activists, most being people of color.  It is a dark piece of American history that needs to be known if we are to have any chance of avoiding repeating that past and combating so-called laws like the Patriot Act and other regressive pieces of legislation.

Oh—and as always we will be playing some great resistance oriented and thought provoking Hip Hop Music.