Last week, folks across the Bay Area stood up for an entire week to demand that Wall Street banks pay their fair share. That included almost 1000 people who marched through the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District. 
Now it’s LA’s turn.  On Monday we did a teach-in on how the Wall Street banks crashed our economy and destroyed our communities.  Monday we crashed a meeting of the California Bankers Association and we’re going to pay a visit to banker in Bel-Air.  Wednesday we’re going to do two more actions at the doorsteps of those that caused the economic crisis.

And on Thursday we’re going to confront the major Wall Street banks and the people who run them with a huge march through Downtown Los Angeles. We need you to join us so Wall Street knows that folks on Main Street aren’t going to take it anymore. Click here and RSVP.

No doubt you’ve been hearing about the people in the streets of New York City, staging an occupation of Wall Street. Their challenge to the people who crashed our economy and have gotten away with it scot-free has inspired thousands of people across the country to join with folks like us who’ve been fighting the greedy bankers since they started stealing people’s homes with the predatory lending that eventually destroyed our economy.

Yesterday we and others in the ReFund California coalition put on a teach-in on the root causes of the current economic crisis. There were over 70 people out learning about how Wall Street crashed the economy and are busy creating a system where the rich are getting richer and the rest of us are getting stuck. Oh and did I mention we did the teach-in in the lobby of Chase Bank! That’s right; we went straight to the root cause of the problem.

Well, like the people occupying Wall Street right this minute, we all know that we have to stand up to the power of the Wall Street bankers with the power of the people.

That’s why I’m marching on Thursday and I need you to join with me so the people who are responsible for so much devastation tare held accountable.  We’re not just taking action in New York and Boston and San Francisco, we’re taking action right here in the City of Los Angeles and we’re not going to stop until they pay their fair share.

In solidarity,

Peggy Mears, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

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