“A Subsidy For Charters” CA Gov Brown’s Tax Initiative “Compromise” Danny Weil Speaks In Berkeley Danny Weil, a charter education expert, journalist,  former public  policy lawyer and activist discusses Governor Brown’s so called  “compromise” tax initiative and what it will really mean for public  education. He calls it a subsidy for charters that will help further  privatization of all public education in California. He also discusses  the role of the NEA, AFT, and CFT in “lacing” themselves with  money from privatizers such as the Bill an Melinda Gates Foundation  and other “non-profit” foundations. Weil is also author of “Vouchers  and Privatization of Education” and “Charter School Movement”  The presentation was made in Berkeley, California on June 2, 2012 Production of United Public Workers For Action http://www.upwa.info