Thanks to GW, the people making $250K a year have been paying lower taxes now for the last decade.  Meanwhile our unemployment rate has soared.  Boehner would have us believe that raising the taxes on the rich would kill job growth.  Really?  What job growth?

When Clinton left office it appeared that we were near to reaching a Middle East peace accord.  We were even talking to the North Koreans.  With the help of John Bolton, GW made quick work of that.  Now who does NPR have criticizing Obama’s attempts at calming the world down?  Yup, John Bolton.

We have a jobs bill that we dearly need and the GOP leadership would rather cut off “OUR HEADS” than pass it.

50,000 people demonstrated against Wall Street this weekend and the news media, INCLUDING NPR blacked it out.

Meanwhile millions of more U S citizens slipped below the poverty line.