“The problem by now is familiar to most. Politicians have expanded the safety net without a commensurate increase in revenues, a primary reason for the government’s annual deficits and mushrooming debt. In 2000, federal and state governments spent about 37 cents on the safety net from every dollar they collected in revenue, according to a New York Times analysis. A decade later, after one Medicare expansion, two recessions and three rounds of tax cuts, spending on the safety net consumed nearly 66 cents of every dollar of revenue.” So reads the article on today’s N Y Times’ front page.

What we need to remember is that when GW took over, this country was nearly fully employed and government was operating at a surplus. The American people were paying their fair share of taxes and government revenue was high. 37¢ of your tax dollar is not too much to help those less fortunate, and MOST of those recipients were temporary and contributing members of society.

Then the Reaganomaniacle Trickledowners took over. They cut taxes on the rich, started a never ending war against an idea, and gave away hundreds and hundreds of billions of taxpayer’s hard earned dollars in “war effort” and bailouts. They plunged this country into debt and widespread unemployment. TRUE, there are more people in the government safety net today, then ever before. BUT, the largest factor in raising the percentage rate to 66¢ of every tax dollar is the fact that there are far fewer tax dollars being collected. Corporations are dodging taxes , taxes on the rich have dropped precipitously from what they were paying before GW took office, and widespread unemployment has both increased the demand for safety net dollars and decreased government’s tax revenue.

The REAL remedy is simple. Restore Corporate taxes. They have not paid them for nearly 10 years and that has NOT provided more jobs. Restore the taxes on the Really Rich to pre 2000 levels. It is obvious that, in the past ten years, nothing has trickled down. Restore government services and start a new WPA to restore this country. It is time for the government to invest in THIS country as it is clear that the rich are not going to do it.

The only thing the GOP can do is complain that Obama has not done enough (And, who has blocked him at every turn?) while urging us to return to the same practices that put us into this mess in the first place. THE GOP CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED.