Hat tip: Zen Gardner

Boy in a band’s 3-minute Don’t stay in school rap video powerfully communicates usual frustrations about high school-level education:

  • Students learn structure of government, including rights and leaders’ rosy rhetoric, but never compare current events to discover to what extent those rights exist, and to what extent leaders’ rhetoric match the reality of actual events.
  • Students aren’t trained about how money is created, mortgages, and having a job.
  • Students don’t know promised universal human rights (and hereherehere).
  • Students learn abstract math that 99%+ of adults never use (algebra, trigonometry, calculus) masked as “real-world” situations, when real-world problems exist that kill thousands and millions (and have solutions).
  • The conclusion is that topics that don’t apply to actual practical living, “don’t stay in school.”

We in alternate media agree.

Actual education of the comprehensive and independently verifiable facts prove:

What we have in education is continued by corporate media to lie, distract, and constantly keep adults from discovering Life’s essential issues they never learned in school.

We the 99.99% will win this contest for education of people of all ages to fully inform, and inspire the brighter future we all know is possible.