The brighter future we are all here to realize has a next OBVIOUS step: the 99%’s recognition of basic civic facts that anyone can verify:

  • US Wars of Aggression are not even close to the legal limitation of self-defense from a nation’s government’s attack upon the US. These are OBVIOUS unlawful Wars of Aggression that all US military and other government officials are under Oath to resist, expose, and finally end the 1%’s lie-filled history. Our slogan to the public and among our specific circles: “Arrest the criminals!”
  • US bankster looting is OBVIOUS criminal fraud because the Federal Reserve’s big-bank owners create debt that they call “money,” the US government creates national debt pushing $20 trillion that they pretend they can pay, and are fraudulently silent on obvious solutions for zero debt, full-employment, and the best infrastructure we can imagine. Our slogan to the public and among our professional/academic environments: “Arrest the criminals!”

Think, speak, and act for arrests of obvious criminals in the most basic areas of American citizenship: unalienable right to our lives free from government war-murders, liberty of our own money, and pursuit of happiness empowered with basic truths.