Generations mold history” is a 4-minute video that literally reverses submissive narrative to “live in a world of our own making.”

The facts demand such reversal; the Emperor’s New Clothes moment whereby the 99.99% lawfully arrest the .01% ‘leaders’ to end “Big Lie” crimes centered in:

These crimes are perhaps the easiest to prove among perhaps 100 crucial areas of concern. The above links easily explain, document, and prove the .01% war and poverty-murder, loot, and lie to annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

Importantly, those of us who document these crimes do so with the ease analogous to the Emperor’s New Clothes. We are not refuted because the facts anyone sees when they look are naked truth impossible to pretend have any of the covering claimed by the .01%.

The most accurate description of the criminal .01% is psychopath (and here) because these viciously destructive actions are taken by national presidents and CEOs who are well-educated, able to act with surface charm, and show no empathy/remorse for their actions.

Earth’s status as victims of these .01% crimes and lies end the moment we say so.

Make your thoughts, voice, and actions clear for what you most value.


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